Charlie the squirrel

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Charlie the squirrel only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
Charlie the squirrel chathead.png

Charlie the squirrel is involved in the 2010 Easter event. He helps the Easter Bunny by letting people in and out of his factory, since he is now barred from actually entering because he headbutted the implings. If you beat the factory fraction of the Easter event within 15 turns, you get to summon him and Fluffy. When you attempt to enter the Easter Bunny's factory, he will offer to bank your items using his "gadjit".

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Charlie has blue face paint, wears a kilt, speaks in a Scottish accent, and tried to start a revolution; this is a very strong reference to Mel Gibson's portrayal of William Wallace as seen in the 1995 movie Braveheart.
  • Near the start, the Easter Bunny mentions he should not have given Charlie coffee, which could be a reference to the Hammy, the squirrel in the comic Over the Hedge, who becomes hyperactive when given caffeine.
  • Charlie's fondness for headbutting other creatures and calling them Miscellanian kisses is a reference to Glasgow kisses, a slang name for headbutts in Britain. This continues the Scottish theme with Charlie.
  • The examine info for the summoned Charlie the squirrel is different from the one in front of the hole.
  • Several times throughout the event references to Charlie biting people are made, possibly being a reference to the popular viral video "Charlie bit me".
  • "Beware o' mae squirrely wrath!" is a reference to IllWillPress's original character, Foamy the Squirrel.
  • "DOG!", which Charlie says when a stray dog is nearby, is a reference from the movie "Up" in which most of the dogs randomly say "SQUIRREL!!"
  • Sometimes Charlie will say "Have you got any Iron Brew?", which again is a reference to a popular brand of soft drink in Scotland.