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A chaos bar is used to make chaos armour in the Elemental workshop. Six bars are required to construct the full outfit. The technique for priming chaos bars is uncovered in Elemental Workshop IV.

Making[edit | edit source]

To make a primed chaos bar you will need 39 Thieving and a pair of cosmic gloves. Place the blocks 'Operate' and 'Chaos' into the CPU (large machine in middle of Chaos room on the bottom floor of the workshop). This will program the automaton (called Da-vi) to pull down the lever, giving the Chaos machine power. With your cosmic gloves on and at least 39 Thieving, place a primed bar in the jig and manually operate the draining machine. This will lower your thieving level. Remove the chaos bar from the jig. If you brought multiple primed bars and super restore potions, you simply repeat the steps to make Da-vi operate the Chaos machine to power it again, and manually operate the draining machine again with a new primed bar in the jig. A Thieving Skillcape can also be used to restore the thieving level, albeit more slowly.

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