Chaos Elemental Note 14

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A note from the Chaos Elemental can be found on the Chaos Elemental's Top Trumps card.

Note[edit | edit source]

Psmlm buaa ifcm e pucm vsmd psm Mchpz Fdm lmprldn, eucudq pf peym psm Npfdm edk ifdoulcudq sucnmao en ed Makml Qfk

Meaning[edit | edit source]

The note is a simple substitution cipher, with each letter representing another letter. It decodes to:

There will come a time when the Empty One returns, aiming to take the Stone and confirming himself as an Elder God

Solution[edit | edit source]

After Zaros returns, he will attempt to take the Stone of Jas and become an Elder God. This attempt took place during Sliske's Endgame.