Chaos Elemental Letter 8

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In the Postbag from the Hedge from 29 November 2007, the image of the Chaos Elemental's noticeboard is shown. The image consists of a corkboard with seven items on it. The top four items are: a lottery ticket from The Magical Lottery, a coupon or ad for Ogre wigs, a picture of a singing ot whistling caniformiatic whistle and a copy of the Varrock Herald ripped in half. The botton of the noticeboard has an incorrectly filled Sudoku puzzle with rune symbols in the place of numbers, a To Do list and a Post-it note. Five of the seven papers on the noticeboard contain bite marks.

The Magical Lottery

The numbers on the lottery card, 13, 1, 7, 16, 9, 5, is code for magpie. The bottom serial numbers on the ticket, below the barcode, spells macaw, another type of summoning familiar.

Ogre Wigs

The ad or coupon indicates "5gp off" the wigs with a picture of said wig. It is copyrighted to Balnea, which was a hint at As a First Resort

Whistle Picture

A picture of a whistle in the shape of a Caniformia-like animal with musical notes coming from its mouth. It is impossible to know which notes these since there is no key and there are four lines and not the proper five. The image is signed Pikkupstix with XX below the name. Pikkupstix is the name of a druid in Taverley, and is the NPC who teaches you summoning. The whistle is shaped like a Wolf's head (Wolf Whistle)

The Varrock Herald

The paper which has the words ROCK RALD is ripped refers to the Varrock Herald. The story is written by Annette Fisher which is a homonym for 'a net fisher'. The sentences themselves appear to be nonsense but if ignoring spaces and punctuations, the words beaver, raven, hen, ibis, unicorn, locust and lobster reveal themselves, all of which are summoning familiars


The Chaosudoku game consists of the symbols of runes possibly including the symbol for the life rune which could have been used in Summoning however due to the crude nature of the images, it could simply be a mind rune.

The game actually contains errors if following the traditional rules of Sudoku since two symbols appear in the same grid. This is because the chaosudoku is being used for a coded message which each symbol representing a letter and each row representing a word (as hinted by the soul rune appearing over the A in CHAOSUDOKU). Decoded, this message says: "Mahjarrat gathers an army he shall slay many masters" (this was likely a reference to While Guthix Sleeps, a quest released in November, 2008.)

To Do list

The items on the list are anagrams which can be transformed into several different answers. For example, Spy Marinating can give us Pagan ministry, Gypsy Trainman, Prying Stamina, Army paintings and Praying Mantis. Do to the sheer number of possible anagrams and nebulous nature of these hints (for instance, the above anagrams for Spy Marinating could respectively hint at prayer, transportation, agility, Falador or a new monster), listing and speculating on these anagrams here would create too unwieldy and confusing a list.

"Add flower" is an anagram for Dreadfowl, the picture of which is next to the BTS article for December, 2007. "Invite Purl" is an anagram for Evil Turnip, the picture of which is next to the BTS article for January, 2008.

The Morse Code at the end of the To Do list forms the word Gecko.

Post-it note

A note that says: "Honey, A Gory, Drying Banshee! Chaos. E"

Other clues

There are six letters circled in red on the various items on the board. When rearranged. they form the name of Lucien. This clue is probably connected to the Chaosudoku clue.

One common theme of the board is animals; the magpie, the macaw, the gecko, the Wolf Whistle and the animals in the Varrock Herald. These refer to the skill, Summoning.

If one were to combine "Mahjarrat gathers an army he shall slay many masters" it refers to the quest While Guthix Sleeps.