Chaos Elemental Letter 4

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Wait in the shadow realm: you are not of the blood nor sin. Up north the wind blows cold to Lumbridge and Ardougne, works like clockwork. Surok's gone to Chaos - lo, ladling Kirk: rumble in the library! Buy your tickets now. Way down deep where the frosts are clearing, way down deep where the dead are still fighting.

Meanwhile, back in the caves, a blotched lord's inns eat exotic food and all that jazz. In the basement of the tower of life you'll find the homunculus; he's crossing a lobster with a jubbly! A spider with a sardine! A newt with a rooster! It's all underground, where there's a hole in my pocket. Pockets? The Chaos Elemental has no need for pockets!

Updates from Letter 4[edit | edit source]