Chaos Elemental Letter 16

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This letter comes from Postbag from the Hedge 46, released on 16 April 2012. Postie Pete has just got hold of the Chaos Elemental's latest film marathon schedule.

Chaos Elemental’s 24 Hour Film Marathon[edit | edit source]

I’m always wary of the Chaos Elemental’s movie marathons. They never fail to leave you battered, broken and confused. The first year was Reese Witherspoon’s back catalogue at 100x speed. The second year, he put us all to sleep and ‘incepted’ the Alvin and the Chipmunk movies directly into our subconscious. Last year, he played the movie Twister while spinning us round on office chairs.

It looks like this year will be even stranger. Just check out the programme that arrived in the post today (for those not in the know, it may include clues of upcoming RuneScape content):

Boba Fett's The Crucible – Classic courtroom drama re-imagined with jetpacks and ziplines. Cloned women fight each other in zero gravity. Whoever wins is guilty of being a witch. Stars: Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicolas Cäpe, Rolo Veggues

The Queen's Speech – True story of a Queen who sets fire to people when she stutters. Parasites propose that she rapped her jubie lee speech. A soldiered knight rethinks the issue and finds that the solution is song. Stars: Greg Kinnear, Mandy Patinkin, Alex Kingston

The Wrath of Carnillean – Experience the newest sensation: a story directed and acted in by you as you watch it! Critics are calling it "a diarmond story to treasure" (The Ardougne Chest), that "feels like home" (Phasmatys Old Herald). Stars: You, Sarsaparilla, Philip.

Some Like it Cold – Mistaken identity comedy, a piece of wartime camp. 1Öth Annïversary Edition. Elementary penguin singing Hari Krishna , B2 + C2 + D2 = CCC in BS. Stars: Danny DeVito, Namor, Tom, Dick and Harry. Narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Translation[edit | edit source]

Boba Fett's The Crucible - Suggestions towards Bounty Hunter; Boba Fett is a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe, the 2010 film "The Bounty Hunter" stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. The Crucible is the name of the "bounty hunter" server in the game "Star Wars: The Old Republic," which follows the star wars theme. It is also the name of the play by Arthur Miller, to which the mentions of courtroom drama and witch accusations refer. The name "Rolo Veggues" is an anagram for "rogue gloves" referencing the lootable gloves in the activity. This is a hint towards the Crucible PVP update.

Some Like It Cold - The third quest in the Penguin series. Allusions towards a prison break, possibly hinting towards releasing Larry from prison; the three names are escape tunnels in The Great Escape, Morgan Freeman starred and narrated The Shawshank Redemption and also narrated March Of The Penguins. Hints towards an underwater portion, possibly the return of the sea-slugged submarine, as "Namor" is a reference to Namor the Sub-Mariner of Marvel Comics. Elementary penguin singing Hari Krishna is a lyric from the Beatles' song "I Am The Walrus". Possible links are Ping & Pong's music or the appearance of an actual Walrus, which would fit with the landscape of the penguin quest line. B2, C2 and D2 are potential targets for a piece in the game Battleships (BS). while C is the notation in Battle Ship for a hit on a "Cruiser," which takes three hits (CCC) to sink.

The Wrath of Carnillean - Hinting towards the upcoming Carnillean Rising quest, spoken about by Mod Osbourne at the MCM expo. In this quest, the player gives someone else (Likely Philipe Carnillean) a quest, which somehow will pan out to be a quest of your own. It is said to be featured in the next Behind the Scenes Video.

The Queen's Speech - Setting fire to people while speaking suggests a dragon's firebreath and, with the title, points to the Queen Black Dragon. The song likely refers to Song from the Depths, the preluding quest.

Diamond Jubilee Event - Both Diamond (Diarmond) and Jubilee (Jubie Lee) are misspelled. Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee is coming up soon. This was referring to the Diamond Jubilee event.

Ten year veteran's cape - Three of the words in the hint post are marked unusually with umlauts; 1Öth Annïversary Cäpe

Construction update - "Feels like home" and Phasmatys Old Herald (POH) seem to be hinting towards a construction update. particularly the Phasmatys section, which may mean an update to Player Owned Houses, or the release of Player-owned Ports.

Dragon Kiteshield - The line "A soldiered knight" is an anagram for Dragon Kiteshield. This was released along with Queen Black Dragon.

(Dragon)Kin - All three actors for the movie The Queen's Speech have the word 'kin' in their last name. Possible reference to three dragonkin members seen in the game.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Crucible refers to the play and movie of the same name, both written by Arthur Miller.
  • The Wrath of Carnillean is a possible reference to the Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan.
  • The Queen's Speech is a reference to the 2010 drama film The King's Speech.
  • Some Like It Cold is a reference to the 1959 film Some Like It Hot.