Strategies for Champion's Challenge

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This article is a strategy guide for Champion's Challenge.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Champion scrolls are very rare drops from monsters belonging to the same race as the champion, and have a fixed drop rate of 1/5,000 no matter what variant of the creature you kill. As a result, the general strategy when attempting to obtain Champion scroll drops is to pick locations where kill rates can be maximized while exerting the least amount of effort, as depending on your luck, you may have to kill a very high quantity of monsters before a scroll drops.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Champion's scroll Scroll dropper(s) Recommended Location(s)
Imp Champion's scroll.png Imp Champion's scroll Imp Karamja Volcano resource dungeon, Morytania Slayer Tower dungeon, between Ardougne Monastery and Tower of Life
Goblin Champion's scroll.png Goblin Champion's scroll Goblin East of Lumbridge, Stronghold of Security, Goblin Village
Skeleton Champion's scroll.png Skeleton Champion's scroll Skeleton, Skoblin, Skeletal Horror Lumbridge Catacombs
Zombie Champion's scroll.png Zombie Champion's scroll Zombie, Armoured zombie, Dried zombie, Undead Lumberjack Stronghold of Security, Ullek, The Shadow Reef
Hobgoblin Champion's scroll.png Hobgoblin Champion's scroll Hobgoblin Gnome Village Dungeon, Hobgoblin Peninsula
Giant Champion's scroll.png Giant Champion's scroll Hill giant Edgeville Dungeon hill giant resource dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon
Banshee Champion's scroll.png Banshee Champion's scroll Banshee, Mighty banshee Slayer Tower, Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon
Ghoul Champion's scroll.png Ghoul Champion's scroll Ghoul Graveyard north of Canifis
Earth Warrior Champion's scroll.png Earth Warrior Champion's scroll Earth warrior Sunken Pyramid, Chaos Tunnels
Aberrant Spectre Champion's scroll.png Aberrant Spectre Champion's scroll Aberrant spectre Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, Slayer Tower
Jogre Champion's scroll.png Jogre Champion's scroll Jogre West Karamja near crashed gnome glider, Pothole Dungeon
Mummy Champion's scroll.png Mummy Champion's scroll Mummy Chaos Tunnels, Ullek, Jaldraocht Pyramid
Lesser Demon Champion's scroll.png Lesser Demon Champion's scroll Lesser demon Karamja Volcano resource dungeon, Crandor and Karamja Dungeon

Helpful Gear[edit | edit source]

When killing large amounts of monsters, there are several things that help make things more efficient and/or worthwhile.

Dwarf multicannon[edit | edit source]

Dwarf multicannon detail.png

Available for purchase after completion of the Dwarf Cannon quest, the dwarf multicannon can be deployed to fire at targets across a large area, dealing damage and causing them to target the cannon's owner. Each shot consumes one cannonball. The dwarf multicannon can receive capacity upgrades and the ability to auto-refill itself from rewards purchased from the Artisan's Workshop, and it can also receive a permanent 100% damage boost by using a dwarf multicannon upgrade kit.

The dwarf multicannon is extremely helpful for both killing and provoking monsters, but some areas such as the Chaos Tunnels and Slayer Tower do not permit the placement of a cannon.

Oldak coil[edit | edit source]

Oldak coil detail.png

The Oldak coil is an invention device available from the cave goblin technology tree that serves as a magic-based variant of the dwarf multicannon. Unlike the dwarf multicannon, which launches cannonballs one at a time over large distances, the Oldak coil uses cannonballs to zap any targets in a 9x9 area around itself, and can damage multiple targets at once per cannonball used. Like the dwarf multicannon, it also benefits from upgrades from the artisan's workshop, and can also receive a permanent 100% damage boost by using an Oldak coil upgrade kit.

The Oldak coil is more effective and efficient at killing monsters that are confined to a small roaming area, as it can damage multiple enemies at once. However, for monsters that are more spread out, the dwarf multicannon is generally more effective.

Aggression potions[edit | edit source]

Aggression potion (4) detail.png

Drinking these potions cause nearby enemies to attack you on their own, even if they aren't normally aggressive. These potions, although somewhat expensive, help make monster killing more relaxed as the player can just rely on auto-retaliate to kill monsters, without the need to manually attack them. These are especially helpful for killing monsters in areas where a cannon isn't permitted.

Bonecrusher[edit | edit source]

Bonecrusher detail.png

This item will automatically bury any bones dropped by monsters you kill. It can be purchased from the Dungeoneering rewards shop for 34,000 tokens, requiring level 21 Dungeoneering and level 21 Prayer to use.

When paired with a twisted bird skull necklace, split dragontooth necklace or demon horn necklace, all bones buried from killed monsters will restore prayer points, making this combination of items extremely useful for passively sustaining prayer without the need for prayer potions.

Smoke devil[edit | edit source]

Smoke devil.png

Smoke devils are combat familiars that require 72 Summoning to use. When attacking targets with Dust Cloud scrolls available, they will launch magic attacks at up to 6 other nearby targets, making the familiar highly effective at killing large amounts of weaker enemies.