Challenge System (historical)/Dungeoneering

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The hint section shows that a complexity 6 dungeon must be completed

Dungeoneering Completing a daily challenge in Dungeoneering will give Dungeoneering experience, depending on the player's Dungeoneering level. Free players may receive less experience than members.

Unlike other skills, Dungeoneering only has one daily challenge whose objective is "Complete either an elite dungeon, a perfect shifting tomb, or a Daemonheim floor on maximum complexity: 1".

A perfect shifting tomb is one completed with all objectives achieved, and rope climbed within the time limit.

To complete in Daemonheim, enter a Complexity 6 dungeon and complete the floor.

Like all other daily challenges, dungeoneering can be extended with 50 Vis Wax; doing so can allow the player to gain massive amounts of daily Dungeoneering experience in a short amount of time.