Cavern of Tainted Memories

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Cavern of Tainted Memories is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.

Cavern of Tainted Memories is a Treasure Hunter promotion, originally released in February 2018. During the promotion players can enter a portal in Burthorpe once daily for free, or more often by using a cavern of tainted memories ticket which can be won from Treasure Hunter or bought from the Grand Exchange. Players cannot enter the portal with items on their person or while having a follower, with the exception of the two items related to the promo: tainted essence and cavern of tainted memories tickets. The cavern can only be accessed for 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the player is removed from the cavern.

In the cavern, players can harvest tainted essence from tainted wisps, granting one or two essence per harvest, which yields either Divination experience or mystery rewards. A green multiplier circle will relocate at regular intervals, whether it is used or not; standing in the circle will double the essence harvested, and give a 50% increase to experience. Each harvest yields 229.2 base experience. Players can speak to Kristlin to switch between Divination experience and the mystery rewards. Tainted essence can also be won from Treasure Hunter or obtained when training Divination.

Tainted Chronicle fragments will randomly spawn in the cavern and can be caught for an additional eight essence; they can be captured from any distance, and standing within the green multiplier will increase the essence and XP earned from capturing it. The fragments look like a small lone red orb, whilst the wisps are a trio of large orbs.

This currency, tainted essence, can be used to buy the purified weapon override tokens for 500 tainted essence each:

These tokens are also obtainable from Treasure Hunter.

The cavern remained accessible daily until the end of 12 February. Any spare essence and tickets could be used until the end of 25 February. After 13 February 2018, essence was no longer obtainable via the portal.

Mystery rewards[edit | edit source]

When converting experience into the mystery rewards and obtaining enough experience (17,228 suffices, while 17,190 isn't enough), a medium prismatic fallen star is always rewarded in addition to one of the following:

Prizes[edit | edit source]

The essence and tickets are always offered in addition to one of the tokens.

Tainted essence50
Tainted essence100
Tainted essence150
Cavern of tainted memories ticket2
Purified 2h crossbow token
Purified crossbow token
Purified greatsword token
Purified halberd token
Purified shortbow token
Purified staff token
Purified swords token
Purified wand and orb token

Release history[edit | edit source]

Cavern of Tainted Memories (edit)
Start date End date Update/promo
8 February 2018 12 February 2018 Cavern of Tainted Memories