Cats of Menaphos

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Cats of Menaphos is an activity in Menaphos started by talking to Assistant Librarian Subotai near the Merchant district deposit box (or bank chest if rank 6 reputation with the Merchant district). Finding all of the cats listed in the Menaphos journal unlocks the cat hat cosmetic override, completes the Feline Good achievement, awards a reputation reward in the form of the purrn of previous postcat, and causes Ka to appear at the Soul Altar.

Two options are available when interacting with a cat:

Only The Postcat appears as a yellow dot on the minimap. The rest do not.

Completing this collection is required for the title, Sandy [Name].

Cat Picture Location Hint Description
Anukat Anukat.png Inside the VIP skilling area within the Imperial district of Menaphos. Known to frequent only the most exclusive of areas in Menaphos. The famous cat-headed cat of Menaphos.
Bestopet Bestopet.png Shifting Tombs; may randomly appear after smashing any pot. Often lost in tight spaces in the tombs below Menaphos. Didn't appreciate the way you smashed her new home to pieces.
Oedipuss Oedipuss.png Inside a locked house next to the Port district musician. Players can enter this house once they have tier 5 reputation in the Ports district. Loves the sea view. Loves the sea view, and loves his mummy.
Hetepheres Hetepheres.png Wanders around Menaphos on Sundays (see spawn locations). Lives for the weekend. Praise the sun! The desendant of great aristocats. Enjoys sunbathing on lazy weekends.
Lucifurr Lucifurr.png Wanders around Menaphos on Tuesdays (see spawn locations). Has developed a successful weekly hunting ritual. Also known as 'The Micebringer'. A real anti-authoritarian.
Jenifurr Jenifurr.png Can be spotted while opening sarcophagi during Pyramid Plunder. A courageous spirit that guards the tombs of Sophanem. Sarcophagi are dark and quiet. If she fits, she sits.
Katarina Katarina.png Has a chance to spawn when killing monsters in Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. A Slayer assignment is not required to spawn Katarina. Last time I saw her, she said she was feeling a little corrupted. Ex-star of 'Keeping up with the Kharidians'.
Shebit Shebit.png Inside a locked house next to Khamud in the north-east corner of the Worker district. Players can enter this house once they have tier 5 reputation in the Worker district. Works hard, day and night. Part of a large family collectively known as the Shebyte.
Takhuit Takhuit.png Wanders around Menaphos on Wednesdays (see spawn locations). The best day is the day with frequent walks. Takes frequent walks, to battle the existential dread.
Catsanova Catsanova.png Inside a locked house in the north-east corner of the Merchant district. Players can enter this house once they have tier 5 reputation in the Merchant district. Currently wooing a whole lot of trader cats. Runner-up in the 'Most Prolific Kharidian Lover' contest, behind Ozan.
The Postcat The Postcat.png Walks in an anticlockwise path starting at the Menaphos gates heading to Pollnivneach, Shantay Pass, the Mining Camp, the Bandit Camp and back to Menaphos. He delivers the post all across the desert, even as far as Al Kharid. Neither sun, nor glare, nor heat of day stays this courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.
Fenekh Fenekh.png Wanders around Menaphos on Thursdays (see spawn locations). Sometimes here, sometimes there. Either in Menaphos or in hiding. Known rather ironically as the Desert Fox.
Tefimhet Tefimhet.png Found within the Soul Altar. Watches over the passage of souls. Most people think he is imagining the voices.
Nodjmet Nodjmet.png Wanders around Menaphos on Fridays (see spawn locations). I see him around Menaphos, now and then. Enjoys his life of extreme leisure.
Blanchy Blanchy.png Wanders around Menaphos on Saturdays (see spawn locations). Works so hard, I only see him outdoors on the weekends. Known throughout the sculptor community for his modelling.
Qat Qat.png Inside a locked house in the north-west corner of the Imperial district, near Banafrit. Players can enter this house once they have tier 5 reputation in the Imperial district. As royal as a cat can be. A qathartic qompanion qapable of qalming the qursed and the qorrupted.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

  • Feline Good (RuneScore.png 25) – Restore the Grand Library's register of notable cat citizens of Menaphos.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 19 June 2017 (Update):
    • Menaphos district houses containing cats now unlock at tier 5 reputation.
    • Players can no longer enter Menaphos district houses without the correct reputation tier.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like the penguin spies, Lucifurr, Takhuit, Fenekh, Nodjmet, Blanchy, and Hetepheres can be herded and trapped in various houses within the districts of Menaphos.
  • On release a glitch existed that allowed people of lower tiers access to the locked houses when the door was opened by someone with tier 9 district reputation. This was patched on 19 June 2017, along with lowering the reputation required from tier 9 to tier 5. There have been no apparent consequences to anyone that abused this glitch.
    • The glitch was accomplished by having someone of tier 9 reputation open the door normally, then someone of presumably lower reputation would run into the house during the small window of time the door was open, before it automatically closed.
    • This glitch is still possible, but only with the cats in the Port and Imperial districts, Oedipuss and Qat.
  • If the player previously did not obtain the cat hat while having found and petted all cats, they can now speak to Assistant Librarian Subotai to unlock the cosmetic override.
  • Specific cats can only be found on certain days of the week; including every day but Monday, possibly referencing the Garfield comics.
  • They do not appear as yellow dots on the map.