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Contains pages where the armour, damage, strength, magic, or ranged parameters of Template:Infobox Bonuses is set to an integer. Please provide these parameters with a decimal place, even if that place is 0. for example, if armour is exactly 300, provide that as armour = 300.0.

For values where the exact value is 0, either use 0.0, leave the parameter blank, or omit the parameter entirely. (It is worth noting that some items display nothing in the hover-over in-game but do have equipment bonuses, e.g. Culinaromancer's gloves 2.)

However, the in-game hover-over displays values truncated, so it is not correct to input 250.0 if the hover-over says 250 armour. Generally the decimal place will need to be obtained from the game cache. See Template:Infobox Bonuses/FAQ for more information.

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