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Cats, also known as Felines, are an intelligent race of beings in RuneScape. Cats possess their own unique language that players can only interpret with a catspeak amulet. A cat was said to be the second creature Guthix brought into Gielinor, the first being a sheep.[1]

Amongst many of Gielinor's inhabitants cats are considered wise, intelligent animals. However, the exact extent of their knowledge is debatable and some, such as the mahjarrat Azzanadra, have cast doubts on their wisdom. Cats love fish and are excellent hunters, known for chasing after rats and other common pests. Because of this, cats are often used throughout Gielinor to keep vermin from contaminating food supplies.

Significance[edit | edit source]

Cats play a major role in the Desert Pantheon, the ancient religion of the Menaphite people. In Menaphite religion, many cats serve Icthlarin, a god that escorts souls into the afterlife. Cats are responsible for defending the parting souls from Amascut, also known as The Devourer, who eats souls, destroying them permanently. Because of this, Amascut hates cats and wants to destroy them, but due to their affiliation with Icthlarin, she is also terrified of them.

Despite their safety from Amascut herself, Amascut's followers are still able to harm cats. In order to protect his feline servants, Icthlarin enlisted the help of the Sphinx, a half-human and half-cat demi-god. The Sphinx protects all cats from Amascut's followers in exchange for immortality. She is a bridge between the human and feline worlds, and once the player proves themselves as a friend to cats, she gives them a catspeak amulet that allows them to communicate with cats.

In Icthlarin's Little Helper, the player and their cat work together to foil Amascut's plan to devour the soul of Klenter, the recently deceased High Priest of Sophanem. Later, the player and their cat team up again in Smoking Kills to stop Amascut, then disguised as Sumona, from getting the player killed in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. During the quest, the cat claims to get "special advice from special sources," and after the quest, Catolax remarks that the cat's assistance "hints at divine influence", implying that the cats may have been given guidance from Icthlarin.

Two important cats in RuneScape are Bob the Jagex Cat and his ScapeRune counterpart, Evil Bob. During A Tail of Two Cats, it is revealed that Bob was once Robert the Strong, a renowned Fourth Age warrior that is said to have forced the dragonkin race to near-extinction. It is not known how or why he has become a cat. Currently Bob wanders across RuneScape with his girlfriend Neite, who is from the city of Sophanem. Evil Bob is the ruler of a parallel world known as ScapeRune, and often abducts players as a part of random events. Very little is known about Evil Bob or his motives.

As pets[edit | edit source]

Cats were the first pets ever released in RuneScape, and were around since the release of Gertrude's Cat on 28 July 2003, and it was over 4 years until any other pets were added, with the release of Summoning on 15 January. All pet kittens are mothered by Gertrude's pet cat Fluffs, and fathered by Bob the Jagex Cat.

In order to obtain a pet cat, players must complete Gertrude's cat, at which point they will be given a kitten for free. Players must feed their kitten fish or milk and give it attention, and after a while their kitten will mature into an adult cat which no longer needs food or attention. The cat continues growing and after another while, it becomes an overgrown cat.

Players who complete Rat Catchers can train their overgrown cats into wily cats. Wily cats are the best hunter of all the cat types, and in addition to hunting rats, they can catch kalphite larvae and butterflies. If a wily cat is not exercised by hunting for an extended period of time, it will turn into a lazy cat. A lazy cat can be trained back into a wily cat by sending it after rats until it loses weight. Completing Rat Catchers also allows players access to the Rat Pits minigame, where cats of any stage of growth can compete against other players in rat catching contests.

Players who do the Freeing Evil Dave sub-quest of Recipe for Disaster gain access to hellcats, which are cat-demon hybrid created when a normal cat catches a number of demonic Hell-Rats. A hellcat is different from a normal cat only in appearances, and can be turned back into a normal cat by being fed milk. Another variant, a purple cat, is unlocked after completing the purple cat miniquest, which is available after completing Swept Away. Like hellcats, purple cats are created from normal cats, but they cannot be turned back. A third variant is a clockwork cat which can be built on a crafting table 4 in a player-owned house Workshop.

Quests involving cats[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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