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The Castle Wars manual details all of the special actions that a player can only perform while playing Castle Wars. The book has details on various activities; from firing a catapult to burning down a barricade. It cannot be stored in a bookcase in your house.

Book info[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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The aim is to get into your opponents' castle and take their team flag. Then, bring that flag back and capture it on your team's flag stand.


This is a Gold Ticket. It can be used to purchase armour from the Castle Wars rewards shop - speak to Lathus. You can gain these by drawing or winning a Castle Wars game.

This is a Silver Ticket. It can be used to purchase additional items from the Castle Wars reward shop, which should help to give you an advantage on the battlefield. These are obtained by participating in Castle Wars.


This useful item allows you to repair broken doors and catapults. Simply use it on the item to be repaired, or have one in your inventory when you select the option, and you'll rebuild it!


These can be used to restore some of your life points and running energy. You can also use them to heal fellow players.

Explosive potion:

A simple but effective item; use it to blow up your opponents' catapults, ballistas and barricades! It can also be used to clear the tunnels under the area for a sneak attack into your opponents' castle. Don't forget to collapse the tunnels into your own castle, though!


Use these constructs to block your opponents' movement and prevent them accessing your castle. Each team can only have ten built at any one time.


Fill a bucket with water and you can use it to put out a burning catapult or barricade - be quick!


Logs aren't all that's flammable; use a tinderbox to set your opponents' catapult and barricades alight.


Use a pickaxe to mine your way through the tunnels under the arena for a sneak attack into your opponents' castle. Don't forget to collapse the tunnels into your own castle, though!


Use this war machine to launch rocks at your opponents. Just give it rough co-ordinates and let the rock fly!


If this is activated on the battlefield, anyone on your team who is using the catapult will be able to see where the flare is activated - this can then be used to coordinate attacks.


Used as ammo for the catapult, and not much else. Brings new meaning to the phrase 'flies like a rock'.


You can buy the parts and ammo for this siege weapon from the Castle Wars Reward Shop - speak to Lanthus. You can then set them up on the platforms dotted around outside the castles. Point them in a direction and they'll hit anything that crosses their path.

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  • patch 6 July 2020 (Update):
    • Grammatical issues in the Castle Wars manual have been resolved.