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Carnillean history is a book that can be found by searching the bookcase in Henryeta Carnillean's room.

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As the Fourth Age drew to a close, two warlords came to dominate the central lands of Kandarin. Their names were Khazard and Hazeel

Hazeel, ruling a tribe of Zamorakian warriors held the northern part of this territory, the area now know as Ardougne.

Hazeel's warriors ruled the land with an iron fist for decades.

The dawning of the Fifth Age brought a new hope. Using their newly-discovered magical abilities, a tribe loyal to the true god Saradomin came to liberate the land.

Their leader was of the Carnillean family.

On dark night, they stormed Hazeel's home and executed all of the Zamorakian filth therein, sparing none in their righteous zeal.

Hazeel was a practitioner of the darkest magicks, proclaimed as a direct servant of Zamorak himself. Indeed, some whispered that Hazeel was not a mortal man, and could not be truly slain.

Nevertheless, the Saradominist tribe was victorious, and the Carnillean family claimed Hazeel's home for their own.

With the followers of Hazeel now completely eradicated, the Saradominist settlement expanded rapidly to become Kandarin's greatest city, which they named Ardougne.

The armour worn by the leader of the Saradominists, after he defeated Hazeel, was preserved by this descendants as a precious relic of their ancestor.

For almost a hundred years, until The Great Battle, the fledgling city of Ardougne flourished under the guidance of the Carnillean family, forming trade links to distant lands and attracting settlers from the east.

To this day, Ardougne remains the principal city of Kandarin, and the Carnillean family remains one of its most revered bloodlines

(This book was written by Murray Tucwall, licenced scrivener, on commission from the Carnillean family.)

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