Captain Siad

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Captain Siad is the leader of the Desert Mining Camp, a mine which relies upon the slave trade. He has an extensive technical library, including a book on sailing and schematics for an ancient weapon.[1] He is distrustful of strangers and keeps a close eye on those who enter his office, but softens when spoken to about his interests and when flattered. If spoken to about sailing, he will speak at length of his history as a sailor. Alternately, he can be momentarily distracted by bad news, such as escaping slaves or a fire in the camp. He keeps a cell door key in his desk.

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  1. ^ Al Shabim, "The Tourist Trap", RuneScape. "Captain Siad at the mining camp is holding some secret information. It is very important to us and we would like you to get it for us. It gives details of an interesting, yet ancient weapon."