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Captain Cora is the captain of The Harbinger, and is Quartermaster Gully's wife. Her full name is Coraline.

History[edit | edit source]

While not much is known about Cora's early history, she comes from the West, just like Quartermaster Gully. Her family moved to the Arc to become professional traders, and there she eventually met George. He courted her through birdwatching, an activity that they both enjoyed, and they eventually became married.

Capture by the Skulls[edit | edit source]

Sometime after her marriage to George, her father took her and the rest of the family for two-week trip to Tuai Leit. However, on their first day, the island was attacked by The Skulls, who were brazen enough to attack the island in broad daylight. Her parents were killed in the attack and Cora was captured and sold as a slave. George joined a rescue party in order to find her, but failed in his attempt. He tried to bargain with the Skulls but they claimed that she was killed trying to escape. The Skulls then double-crossed him and left him to die, although he survived and returned to Port Sarim.

Freedom[edit | edit source]

Cora somehow bought her freedom and learned necromancy. Twenty years after her abduction, she returned to the Skull's fortress on The Islands That Once Were Turtles and cast a curse on all the pirates there, leaving them in a state of torment in their remains. The curse destroyed their heads, but three members still remain as a testament to her powers.

She would later be adopted by the Khan of Goshima, who saw her as the daughter she never had. Due to this, Cora began serving as the Khan's right hand and lieutenant. Eventually, the Khan began to die from old age, and Cora used her necromancy skills to bind her body and spirit as a Jiangshi. Since the Jiangshi fed on soul rather than blood energy, Cora became the captain of The Harbinger, raised an undead crew, and left Goshima to find more soul energy for her "mother", believing that Goshima would be fine without her presence as long as she brought soul energy to the Jiangshi.

Finding Peace[edit | edit source]

In the Sixth Age, the World Guardian, tasked by Trader Stan to recover the lost prisoners and his stolen treasure, would eventually stumble into The Harbinger while sailing to Tuai Leit to find a cure for Cap'n Ekahi after his soul energy was drained by Undead Jed. Jed was originally to bring Cora a cargo of captured prisoners from Port Sarim during the invasion, but, due to the adventurer's interference, this was not possible. Cora tortured Jed and revived him as a zombie to serve her crew, but he feigned incompetence to escape.

Knowing that Ekahi was affected by the Jiangshi's curse, she demanded the World Guardian to give him to her. They refused. Cora also saw Gully and was surprised that he was still alive, and Gully told her that he would not give her up. Cora had no other choice and returned to her ship, who began firing on Sarim's Revenge. Despite her efforts, the crew managed to escape her clutches.

Upon obtaining a cannon, privately speaking with Gully and attempting to find other cures to help Ekahi, the World Guardian decided to launch an assault on The Harbinger to make Cora see the truth. Using their newly built cannon thanks to Higg's efforts, they boarded The Harbinger and slew its undead crew. Cora personally fought the World Guardian but was eventually defeated and reluctantly returned to Goshima. The World Guardian showed Cora the destruction that the Jiangshi wrought, after which she realised that she was doing more harm than good and lifted the Jiangshi's curse, reverting all the infected back to their original state.

After Final Destination is completed, she will be on the docks with Quartermaster Gully. Upon being spoken to, she reveals that she will try to bring the survivors of Goshima back to the island and rebuild, and believes that she is unfit to be Goshima's khan due to her actions.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As of 13 March 2017, she no longer gives any combat experience when defeated.
  • The crow mentioned in Captain Cora's examine is a reference to the singer Sheryl Crow.