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Captain Bentley chathead.png
Bentley's parrot.

Captain Bentley is the captain of the Lady Zay. He can provide transport between Pirates' Cove and Lunar Isle once his ship is cleared of curses.

He has known some of his crew, such as 'Bird's-Eye' Jack, for decades.[1] He considers Lokar Searunner to be a bad team player and regrets hiring him for the crew.[2]

He started out his piratical career as a cabin boy,[3] before becoming a captain at some point. His last ship got wrecked in a storm. He and a few of his crew fled, leaving the ship and rest of the crew to crash,[4] though a few pirates survived and set up a hideout at the site.[5] He considered the loss a tragedy, as he ended up losing a lot of money.[6] He and his surviving crew stole the Lady Zay from the Ship Yard in Karamja.[7] They had to remodel the ship for human rather than gnome habitation.[8]

He likes the Moon Clan people, considering them hospitable and worthwhile trading partners despite their reputation for stranger distrust.[9][10] He still considers them strange and secretive, especially after seeing Berty.[10] Despite this, he is fully aware of their power and just how dangerous they can be.[11]

During the feast that was held for the crew, they got drunk. One of the Moon Clan convinced the Cabin Boy to place several jinxes on the ship, rendering the Lady Zay capable of only travelling in circles. He promised a stowaway adventurer safe passage to Lunar Isle in exchange for their help.

At some point, he and his crew captured a suqah, though nobody can recall how or when.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During Lunar Diplomacy, the player constantly refers to him as Captain Renney.[12]
  • His examine is a reference to the stereotypical pirate image of keeping a parrot as a pet, popularised by Long John Silver, and having a hook for a hand, popularised by Captain Hook.

References[edit | edit source]

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