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Not to be confused with Captain Tom.
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Captain A. Toma was one of the many warriors under the command of Bilrach within the dungeons of Daemonheim.

He had a wife called Freya who joined him in Daemonheim until he sent her to her father's farmstead out of fear for her mental state and safety. This caused them some trouble, as she did not wish to leave. He wrote a letter to her, telling her of how Bilrach had promoted him from sergeant to captain after the previous captain, Esken, died in a tunnel collapse, much to the displeasure of Lieutenant Artus. He begged for her forgiveness, saying he wanted to return to her but had to oversee his men and aid his master first.

He was later encountered during the Fremennik Saga Nadir. The human-mahjarrat hybrid Moia, under the guise of Hearthen, approached him, attacking him and draining his memories, such as his discomfort at his rank, his love for the warriors under his command, and his love for his wife Freya. He forgot her name before he died. She assumed his identity in order to pass through Dungeoneering floors filled with soldiers.

He wore full kratonite equipment and wielded a kratonite rapier. As Moia progressed, she was approached by Druf about his transfer request, which she could either claim ignorance of, or ask him to approach later, either calling him Druf or Marin, a soldier who had died the previous month. She was later approached by another soldier, asking for training to begin. She could either tell the men to start unsupervised, tell the soldier to oversee the training, or delay the training.

Despite his leadership, there was growing discomfort amongst the soldiers, with many considering desertion.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He appeared to be Guthixian, as he uses the phrase "Guthix willing" in the Rimebound Letter he wrote.