Canoe (Fremennik Province)

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Location of the Canoe, after the Tale of the Muspah.
The route you take while riding this canoe

There is a Canoe in the southwest portion of the Snowy hunter area which can take players to the entrance of the Mahjarrat Ritual site cavern. The player crafts the Canoe while helping Erjolf during the quest, the Tale of the Muspah. Erjolf can be found near Canoe's location in the Snowy Hunter area.

After travelling on the Canoe, the cavern that the player lands near is also first used in the Tale of the Muspah, where they encounter a Mahjarrat named Jhallan (one of the first times the player is introduced to the Mahjarrat in the Mahjarrat quest series).

This Canoe is helpful to use in several of the later Mahjarrat quests, notably the Temple at Senntisten and Ritual of the Mahjarrat, as it also provides a quick and safe method of tranportation to Ghorrock Fortress, an important Mahjarrat site.