Strategies for Camel Warrior

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This article is a strategy guide for Camel Warrior.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Camel Warriors are monsters requiring level 96 Slayer in order to kill. They inhabit a Camel Warriors island just off the eastern wall of Sophanem.

It is not recommended for low-level players to attempt killing camel warriors.

Getting There[edit | edit source]

The island can be reached by simply heading to Sophanem's eastern gate and moving slightly east to see some hoppable rocks leading to the island, near the red sandstone rock. This area is affected by desert heat.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Players prefer to either use melee or ranged. A hybrid of the two is useful but not required for consistent kills.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Camel Warriors are fought similarly to Glacors. They possess a ranged and magic auto-attack, the former consisting of spit, and the latter consisting of raising their staff. Both of these attacks can hit up to 1,200 damage. The ranged attack is instant, despite being a visible projectile.

They also possess a special adrenaline bar (like Ripper Demons), which when filled, causes the camel to slam their staff in the ground and cause three dust tornadoes to appear a few ticks after each other on the player's position at the time. They fill their bar very quickly prior to the mirages being summoned. The tornadoes start off at 50 hard typeless damage but continue to stack the previous hit from as their next hit, which can deal fatal damage if a tornado is run into by accident or stacked. Fortunately, they only last up to 10 seconds, do not move and only deal damage on the tile they're on.

Although not immune to stuns and binds, doing so will cause the camel to perform the dust tornado special attack regardless of its current adrenaline.

The camels have fairly high Defence, weak to crush attacks and susceptible to the terrasaur maul, but any melee weapon will suffice with task and overloads.

Mirages[edit | edit source]

After taking damage, the camel will disappear and generate three copies of itself; a smoke, shadow and blood mirage. Each mirage possesses 11,250 health (for a total of 33,750 health, effectively giving the camel 53,875 health). The placement of the mirages are random, and they may sometimes stack on each other if the camel is near obstacles. The camel will always be prompted to split if it takes a hit of more than 4,000 damage or falls below 17,000 health.

The mirages attack with blitz spells from the ancient spellbook. Smoke and shadow spells do not appear to cause any effects, whereas blood heals them for a percentage of the damage they deal and ice can bind the player for 10 seconds. They are weak to thrown attacks, but any ranged weapon will suffice.

The smoke mirage has nothing special apart from casting Confuse, which lowers the player's damage by 5% for one minute. The shadow mirage can cast Weaken, lowering their accuracy by 5% for one minute, and also has an adrenaline bar, which when filled, causes them to launch a projectile that drains a significant amount of the player's prayer points. The blood mirage's attacks causes green healing projectiles to be sent to its linked mirages, healing up to 1,000 health regardless if it hits or not.

The mirages should be killed starting from shadow, then blood and finally smoke.

Post-Mirage[edit | edit source]

After the last mirage of the three are killed, the camel will return to resume attacking players. The adrenaline gain is slightly slower than the start of fight, but the camel can now use the shadow mirage's special attack when its bar fills.