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Calsidiu is the supposed 'leader' of The Myreque, with Veliaf Hurtz and Safalaan Hallow serving as their lieutenants. Safalaan leads the Sanguinesti division, Veliaf the Mort Myre-resistance. Sani Piliu stated in In Search of the Myreque that, as far as she knew, they were the leader. Vertida Sefalatis hoped that he would return after Safalaan's disappearance at the end of The Branches of Darkmeyer.

According to Ben Strainge and Kendrick, the phrase 'The Myreque are made of ropes, the vampyres of stone. If a rope breaks, we can retie it.' is attributed to Calsidiu and symbolises the way in which the Myreque operate as a loose organisation of separate cells.

During The Lord of Vampyrium, Veliaf Hurtz reveals that Calsidiu is not a real person and does not really exist; and was made up by Veliaf and Safalaan to try and instill hope in the rest of the Myreque.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The word Calsidiu is an anagram of the word suicidal, which may be what the resistance ultimately is.