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This talk page is for discussing the Calculator:Smithing/Artisans' Workshop page.

Cost to make[edit source]

I am assuming the base exp is 60% because that is how the description made it sound so if base exp is 60% the cost to make is way off Adamant Ceremonial swords are listed as 21.72 gp/exp right now but if what I just said is correct it should only be 13.03 gp/exp for 60%. 11:08, June 12, 2013 (UTC)

The column labelled "Base Exp" is the full base xp. 60% of base xp is only used in the column labelled "Coins/XP (60%). Qloque (talk) 11:16, June 12, 2013 (UTC)

Sacred Clay Hammers - Worth the time or no  (Tier 3 ingot Burial armor)?[edit source]

EDIT: The way Proto Tools work has been changed...  Now 5 tools is 122k xp.  Only worth it for Iron bars. It depends on your best money-making method and the bar you are smithing.  Using the hammers will save time and money for Mithril tiers and below.  For Adamant bars, you would save 4M from an hour's work.  For Rune bars, you would save 11M according to Grand Exchange prices on 5/24/2014.  If you can make enough money per hour to surpass that, Sacred Clay hammers are not worth the time.

The calculations are accurate but the in-game aspect of this segment is a bit off, realized this later

I did some calculations, and, accounting for 8.5 seconds of human error/loss of time, 376.1 pieces of burial armor can be made in one hour.  This assumes that the player is smithing the advised piece at any given time, and that it changes every 9 pieces.  On average (In a non-combat Stealing Creation clan) any given person can get enough points for 5 sacred clay tools in one hour, which is 160k worth of bonus XP from Sacred Clay hammers (according to  This makes using Sacred Clay hammers for all tiers below Adamant worth the time and money, as tiers below Adamant do not give 160k XP an hour or more.

Normal XP with 10% bonus (static) and cost (variable depending on Grand Exchange prices) per hour

Bar type XP/HR Cost
Iron 99k 1.97M
Steel 133k 2.8M
Mithril 152k 4.04M
Adamant 235k 6.18M
Rune 285k 19.5M

Not sure if this segment belongs here or on the main article's talk page. 00:53, May 25, 2014 (UTC)

Rune Ceremonial Sword Base Exp[edit source]

I tested this a couple of times and noticed that the Rune Ceremonial Sword's base exp is in fact ~10,486. I tested this for both 120% perfects and 98% perfects and after factoring them out (alongside all my exp multipliers) I have discovered that the base exp is actually 10,486 (.something in decimal). Has anyone noticed this? Puretppc (talk) 05:16, November 4, 2017 (UTC)