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This talk page is for discussing the Calculator:Crafting/Battlestaves page.

This is a very misleading calculator, as it is geared much more towards enchanting orbs (magic), than creating elemental battlestaves (crafting).

New calculator?[edit source]

I edited one of these calculators to reflect the profits from doing some of the work yourself. Would it be worth including this, and possibly some for crafting only some of the runes?

Buying unpowered orb and Battlestaff and crafting Cosmic and Nature runes[edit source]

Item Exp gained Level Grand Exchange Price Cost Profit or loss
selling at Ge
Profit or loss
High alchemy
Profit or loss per exp
Selling at Ge
Profit or loss per exp
High alchemy
Staff of water.png Water battlestaff 100 54 8,122 3,460 4,662 5,782 46.62 57.82
Staff of earth.png Earth battlestaff 112.5 58 8,092 3,460 4,632 5,782 41.17 51.4
Staff of fire.png Fire battlestaff 125 62 7,922 3,460 4,462 5,782 35.7 46.26
Staff of air.png Air battlestaff 137.5 66 8,151 3,460 4,691 5,782 34.12 42.05

Salvette 06:18, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

Other common combinations[edit source]

I really don't know what common combinations there are. I used to get lunar and cosmic runes from star hunting, making them free/opportunity priced. My current combination is seaweed from Arhein (2gp each), lunar and cosmic runes from GE (lunar runes meaning that I get something like 1.4 glass per sand+ash), sand from bert and staffs from Zaff. At a guess, I think people are more likely to only make nats than make the other runes (as I do), though I could be wrong as lunar can be fast and cosmics are double at a low level. tobylaneTalk 22:54, December 15, 2009 (UTC)

I was interested in seeing the profits for making the orbs yourself, from scratch and from buying the glass, etc., way more than if crafting the runes myself. 19:15, March 31, 2015 (UTC)