Calculator:Summoning/Charms saved with Spirit Gems

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Spirit Gem Calculator[edit source]

Templates used

Select either Spirit Gems or Spirit Gem charges as units for the calculator. The charms saved will be the amount of charms saved given the provided gems or gem charges. The charms required are the approximate amount of charms needed to save the amount of saved charms.

 template  = Template:CalcSpiritGemCharges
 form      = exprCalcForm
 result    = exprCalcResult
 param     = gemUnit|Spirit Gem Unit|Gems|select|Gems, Charges
 param     = sapphire|Sapphire|0|int|0-
 param     = emerald|Emerald|0|int|0-
 param     = ruby|Ruby|0|int|0-
 param     = diamond|Diamond|0|int|0-
 param     = dragonstone|Dragonstone|0|int|0-
 param     = onyx|Onyx|0|int|0-

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