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Templates used
Calculator:Smithing/Rates Overview/template

Explanatory Notes[edit source]

  • The values for Autoheater and Zero heat smithing are a little skewed. When the levelling benefit for starting at max heat is unlocked, every new item created will let you AFK for 33% (66% with superheat form) at high heat, followed by the medium heat multiplier, before dropping to low heat. The calculator does not take this into account, it instead always assumes a low heat multiplier (or medium heat multiplier with superheat form active). In this way, if an item's progress is low enough (i.e. bronze) you will always be at high heat. I will try to remedy this, but for now, assume rates are a little higher (decreasingly so the fewer items you make per hour; the effect should be marginal at elder rune but is quite noticeable for bronze, however the low progress of bronze means switching to high heat will give a more accurate figure).
  • Hellion aura assumes a flat 10% and does not take the pulse core into account (due to it having its own field).
  • The calculator takes into account compulsory ticks wasted (i.e. ticks that have to be wasted, not due to human error. For example, the two ticks wasted for forging an item, the ticks wasted during reheating etc).
  • Superheat item lets you reheat losslessly.

Methods[edit source]

  • 2-Ticking: Casting Superheat Item after every strike, utilising the Smithing skillcape's perk. The calculator turns on Superheat Item if this method is selected.
  • High Heat: Keeping unfinished items reheated so that heat never falls below 66%. Superheat Form allows players to fall down to 33%.
  • AFK with Autoheater: AFK using the Autoheater which uses Coal. 100-300 Coal is used per hour.
  • Zero Heat Smithing: AFK without using the Autoheater.

To Add[edit source]

  • Smithing skillcape for instances outside of 2-Ticking
  • Visible boosts
  • Validation for perks

Calculator[edit source]

template=Calculator:Smithing/Rates Overview/template
param=smith_level|Smithing level|99|int|1-150|99=cape
param=fm_level|Firemaking level|99|int|1-99
param=result|Result|XP Per Hour|select|XP Per Hour,Items Per Hour,Time Per Item (Seconds),Bars Used Per Hour
param=method|Smithing Method|High Heat|select|2-Ticking,High Heat,AFK with Autoheater,Zero Heat
param=item|Item Forged|Gauntlets; Boots|select|Gauntlets; Boots,1H Weapon; Pickaxe; Helm,Platelegs; Kiteshield,2H Weapon,Platebody
param=lvl20|Tool level 20|false|check|1.1,0
param=tinker|Tinker|None|select|None,Tinker 1,Tinker 2,Tinker 3
param=rapid|Rapid|None|select|None,Rapid 1,Rapid 2,Rapid 3
param=wise|Wise|None|select|None,Wise 1,Wise 2,Wise 3
param=outfitstog|Outfits, Equipment, Auras and Prayers|false|toggleswitch||true=outfitsgrp
param=outfitsgrp|Outfits, Equipment, Auras and Prayers||group|aura,superheatitem,superheatform,hammer,varrock,newvar,outfit,addon,cape
param=superheatitem|Superheat Item|false|check|1,0
param=superheatform|Superheat Form|false|check|1,0
param=hammer|Crystal Hammer|false|check|0.01,0
param=varrock|Varrock Armour|None|select|None,Varrock armour 1,Varrock armour 2,Varrock armour 3,Varrock armour 4
param=newvar|New Varrock (Elite) Tasks Completed|false|check|2,1
param=outfit|Blacksmith's Outfit Pieces|None|select|None,1 Piece, 2 Pieces, 3 Pieces, 4 Pieces, 5 Pieces
param=addon|Modified Blacksmith's Helmet|false|check|0.01,0
param=cape|Smithing Skillcape|false|check|1,0
param=bonustog|Other bonuses and boosts|false|toggleswitch||true=bonusgrp
param=bonusgrp|Other bonuses and boosts||group|injector,solemn,avatar,juju,scroll,pulsecore,raf,dxp,custom,customsmith,customfire
param=injector|Luminite Injector|false|check|1,0
param=solemn|Solemn Smith|None|select|None,Solemn Smith I,Solemn Smith II,Solemn Smith III,Solemn Smith IV,Solemn Smith V
param=avatar|Avatar Bonus|None|select|None,3%,4%,5%,6%
param=juju|Perfect Juju Smithing Potion|false|check|0.05,0
param=scroll|Scroll of Efficiency|false|check|0.05,0
param=pulsecore|Advanced pulse core|false|check|0.6,0||Only accounts for xp boost from pulse core (assumes 50% + 10%) but not level boosts
param=raf|RAF XP Boost Scroll|false|check|0.1,0
param=dxp|Double Experience Weekend|false|check|1,0
param=custom|Custom XP Boost (%)|0|int
param=customsmith|Custom smithing level boost|0|int
param=customfire|Custom firemaking level boost|0|int
param=bxp|Bonus Experience|false|check|1,0