Calculator:Smithing/Burial armour

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Note: XP Weekend calculation is currently inaccurate and needs more tweaking.

 template = Calculator:Template/Smithing/Burial armour
 form = Burial_Form
 result = Burial_Result
 param = smithxp|Current: Level or Experience?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param = smithm|Current (per choice above)|1|int|0-200000000
 param = goalxp|Goal: Level or Experience?|Level|select|Level,Experience
 param = goalm|Goal (per choice above)|99|int|0-200000000
 param = flboost|Following the lesson?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param = rboost|Reward boost?|None|select|None,Quick Learner,Budding Student,Master Student
 param = boboost|Blacksmith's outfit?|None|select|None,1,2,3,4,All
 param = caboost|Clan Avatar boost?|None|select|None,3%,6%
 param = bxboost|Bonus XP?|No|select|No,Yes
 param = aboost|Aura?|None|select|None,Festive,Enlightenment
 param = fsboost|Falador Shield 4?|No|select|No,Yes
 param = clboost|Clover Necklace?|No|select|No,Two-Leaf,Three-Leaf,Four-Leaf
 param = xwboost|XP Weekend?|No|select|No,Yes
The calculator failed to load