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Description[edit source]

This calculator calculates the average points received per slayer task for various combinations of masters. Note:

  • Turael/Spria does not advance the task counter and does not give points.
  • It is assumed that if doing a Mandrith (wilderness) task, at the time of task completion, the player's threat level is 10 (maximum threat level), as this yields the most slayer points.
  • The chance of receiving a special assignment is unknown, and is not taken into consideration in this calculator.

Calculator[edit source]

Templates used
Calculator:Slayer/Slayer points/Template
 template  = Calculator:Slayer/Slayer points/Template
 form      = pointCalc
 result    = pointCalc_res
 param     = master1|Slayer master every normal task|Jacquelyn|select|Jacquelyn,Vannaka,Mazchna/Achtryn,Chaeldar,Sumona,Duradel/Lapalok,Kuradal,Morvran,Laniakea,Mandrith
 param     = master10|Slayer master every 10th task|Jacquelyn|select|Jacquelyn,Vannaka,Mazchna/Achtryn,Chaeldar,Sumona,Duradel/Lapalok,Kuradal,Morvran,Laniakea,Mandrith|Duradel/Lapalok=karamjaElite
 param     = master50|Slayer master every 50th task|Jacquelyn|select|Jacquelyn,Vannaka,Mazchna/Achtryn,Chaeldar,Sumona,Duradel/Lapalok,Kuradal,Morvran,Laniakea,Mandrith
 param     = karamjaElite|Karamja Elite achievements complete|false|check|1,0
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