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This calculator or section is incomplete and could do with improvement.
Reason: Ectofuntus no longer needs pots and buckets, so the XP rates are certainly incorrect; altar might need verification too; the template should be fixed to correctly display ectofuntus rates with ashes. This also needs burial powder added.
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This is a static calculator.
It does not take user inputs, but it does use changing prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch. If prices appear to be outdated, purge the page by clicking here.

Bone burial[edit source]

The Bone burial calculator is a calculator that can be used to efficiently train Prayer. This particular skill is noted for being something that can be "purchased", and none of this activity is "profitable" in terms of purchasing the bones from the Grand Exchange or from another player. Many of these bones sell in large enough quantities that the prices change on a daily basis.

The experience point value for using altars in player-owned houses and the Ectofuntus are included as comparisons for performing skills based on how much the player can earn, and how quickly the player can gain experience from both methods.

Assumptions[edit source]

  • The cost of using the player-owned house as a burial site includes the cost of Clean marrentill at the current rate of 5,992 coins each.
  • The player could be teleporting to the player-owned house for faster training. If the player does so they will require runes.
  • Both burners are used.

Cost calculations[edit source]

* Isn't dropped in free to play worlds.

Prayer experience rate[edit source]

The Prayer experience rate calculator attempts to calculate how quickly a player can "earn" experience points for each bone type, depending on the location where they are performing the task.

Assumptions[edit source]

  • Bank
    • The player buries an average of 3600 bones per hour. With the release of the Action Bar from the Evolution of Combat, these xp rates are easier to get.
  • Ectofuntus
    • The player has at least level 58 Agility to use the shortcuts to the slime pool. It will take the player longer if they do not use these shortcuts.
    • The player uses an efficient bank teleport, such as War's Retreat. It will take the player longer if they do not bank efficiently.
    • The player is able to acquire 900 Buckets of slime per hour, or worship 1300 times once they have enough slime and bonemeal/ashes banked. Therefore when fully splitting the tasks and worshipping with ashes, the player will spend an average of 36 minutes of each hour acquiring 540 buckets, and the remaining 24 minutes worshipping 520 times, giving an overall average of 530 ashes used per hour.
    • However, it is far more efficient to worship before going to acquire the Buckets of slime. Proceeding that way, you can alternate worshipping and then getting Buckets of slime and simply worshipping. Doing so consumes 26 Buckets of slime per cycle while you acquire 27. One cycle (worshipping, getting the buckets, banking, worshipping, banking) takes a little under 1 min 50 sec. That translates in 850 ashes used per hour (as well as about 30 spare Buckets of slime).
    • When bones need to be ground, the overall rate drops to 270 bones per hour (the method used doesn't matter since most of the time is spent grinding the bones).
    • All of the above assumes that no familiar is used.
  • Player-owned house (POH)
    • The player makes approximately 40 trips per hour from the bank to the house, teleporting both ways using the Rings of duelling and PoH Teletabs.
    • It is assumed that no beast of burden is used

Calculations[edit source]

Note that demonic ashes do not need to be ground first, so the consume rate is about 150% of that of bones.