Calculator:Player-owned port/Voyage rewards

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Templates used
Calculator:Player-owned port/Voyage rewards/Template

This player-owned port calculator calculates the expected resources/trade goods reward from a voyage based on its success chance and the player's port set-up and use of boosts.

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template = Calculator:Player-owned port/Voyage rewards/Template
form = popRewardsCalcForm
result = popRewardsCalcResult
param = successRate|Voyage success %|0|number|0-100
param = rewardsType|Type of reward|Trade goods (1)|buttonselect|Resources (1),Resources (2),Trade goods (1),Trade goods (2)|Resources (1)=reward1qty,reward1Type,warehouse,cherryTrees;Resources (2)=reward1qty,reward1Chimes,reward2qty,reward2Type,warehouse,cherryTrees;Trade goods (1)=reward1qty;Trade goods (2)=reward1qty,reward2qty|Choose between resources or trade goods. The number indicates how many types of resources/trade goods are awarded, e.g. chimes (1) or chimes and bamboo (2).
param = rewardsGroup|Voyage rewards||group|reward1qty,reward1Chimes,reward1Type,reward2qty,reward2Type
param = reward1qty|Reward 1 quantity|0|int|0-10000||The base number of resources/trade goods that the voyage will award according to the in-game interface.
param = reward1Chimes|Reward 1 type|Chimes|fixed|||If you have two types of resource rewards, one will always be chimes.
param = reward1Type|Reward 1 type|Chimes|buttonselect|Chimes,Bamboo,Gunpowder,Slate,Cherrywood,Jade,Stainless steel,Terracotta,Azure
param = reward2qty|Reward 2 quantity|0|int|0-10000
param = reward2Type|Reward 2 type|Bamboo|buttonselect|Bamboo,Gunpowder,Slate,Cherrywood,Jade,Stainless steel,Terracotta,Azure
param = merchant|Chosen merchant|None|buttonselect|None,Ardougne Shopkeeper,Trader,Jade Merchant,Terracotta Merchant|Ardougne Shopkeeper=successPlain;Trader=successPlain;Jade Merchant=successPlain;Terracotta Merchant=successPlain
param = successPlain|Success % without merchant|0|number|0-100||The voyage success % if using another ship set-up, without merchant. Usually, this success % is higher than when using a merchant. This value will be used in the comparison.
param = warehouse|Warehouse|Dilapidated|buttonselect|Dilapidated,Refitted,Renovated,Refurbished,Spacious,Pristine,Imperial,Dynastic,Sovereign
param = cherryTrees|Cherry trees|0|buttonselect|0,1,2,3,4
param = fortune|Consider using Fortune of the Sea?|false|check
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