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Templates used
Calculator:Player-owned port/Optimal set-up/Template

This player-owned port calculator takes a voyage's adversity as input and displays the recommended ship, captain, crew and port setup to achieve the highest success possible based on the player's farthest unlocked region and unlocked crew members.

It does not currently account for captain or crew member traits, with the exception of Solidarity. Discuss bugs and suggestions on the talk page.

template = Calculator:Player-owned port/Optimal set-up/Template
form = popVoyagesCalcForm
result = popVoyagesCalcResult
param = voyageAdversity|Voyage adversity||group|voyageMorale,voyageCombat,voyageSeafaring
param = voyageMorale|Morale Zhonghu Player.png|0|int|0-40000||
param = voyageCombat|Combat Gu Bodyguard.png|0|int|0-40000||
param = voyageSeafaring|Seafaring Stargazer.png|0|int|0-40000||
param = farthestRegion|Farthest unlocked region|The Shield|buttonselect|The Arc,The Skull,The Hook,The Scythe,The Bowl,The Pincers,The Loop,The Shield|The Arc=excludeGolems,crewUnlock1;The Skull=excludeGolems,crewUnlock2;The Hook=excludeGolems,crewUnlock2,crewUnlock3;The Scythe=excludeGolems,crewUnlock3,crewUnlock4;The Bowl=excludeGolems,crewUnlock4,crewUnlock5;The Pincers=crewUnlock5,crewUnlock6;The Loop=crewUnlock6,crewUnlock7;The Shield=excludeGolems,crewUnlock7,crewUnlock8|
param = excludeGolems|Exclude golems? Exploding Golem.png||check|||Exclude golems from the calculation.
param = crewUnlocks|Unlocked crew members||group|crewUnlock1,crewUnlock2,crewUnlock3,crewUnlock4,crewUnlock5,crewUnlock6,crewUnlock7,crewUnlock8
param = crewUnlock1|Unlocked Cyclosis? Cyclops (player-owned port).png||check
param = crewUnlock2|Unlocked The Siren's Shell? Siren Whalerider.png||check
param = crewUnlock3|Unlocked The Chimera Straits? Feral Chimera.png||check
param = crewUnlock4|Unlocked The Winds' Home? Sea Witch.png||check
param = crewUnlock5|Unlocked Crescent Island? Judge of Dice.png||check
param = crewUnlock6|Unlocked The Shambling Lair? Oxhead and Horseface.png||check
param = crewUnlock7|Unlocked Light Under Sea? Wisp (player-owned port).png||check
param = crewUnlock8|Unlocked Exile's Point? Kharidian Exile.png||check
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