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This is a static calculator.
It does not take user inputs, but it does use changing prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch. If prices appear to be outdated, purge the page by clicking here.

About[edit source]

This calculator gives the profit/loss values for using the spring cleaner to clean every item it affects, in both modes.

  • Bonus Experience awarded is listed to exact decimal places, however the experience awarded in-game is rounded down to the previous integer (i.e. a floor function). However, if multiple of the same item are cleaned at once (i.e. condensed into one spring cleaner report), the fractional amounts are considered. All bonus experience values listed are the base experience gained from using the basic spring cleaner, and not any of the upgraded versions
    • The value is doubled with spring cleaner 2000, tripled with 3000 and quadrupled with 9000. This multiplication does account for fractional amounts.
  • Coins/XP (GE) calculates the value of the bonus experience earned, per experience point, based on selling the item on the Grand Exchange (i.e. using research mode versus not using cleaner). This uses the base bonus experience value.
  • Coins/XP (Dismantle) calculates the value of the bonus experience earned, per experience point, based on the value of the materials gained from a successful dismantle (i.e. using research mode versus using dismantle mode). Again, this uses the base bonus experience value.
  • Raw Value refers to the coins you actually made by getting the materials and selling them, accounting for the spring - it does not account for the value of the item that was dismantled.
    • Price of a spring: 4,878
  • Profit (GE) refers to the opportunity profit or loss you made by dismantling the item versus picking the item up and selling it on the Grand Exchange. A positive number means you made more by dismantling than you would've selling on the GE; a negative number means you would've made more by selling on the GE than dismantling
  • Profit (Alch) refers to the opportunity profit or loss made by dismantling the item versus picking the item up and casting High Level Alchemy on it, assuming you use a fire-rune-providing staff. A positive number means you made more by dismantling than you would've by alching; a negative number means you would've made more by alching than dismantling. Note that this can be odd with low-value items where the price of a spring is significant to the value: rather than making more profit by alching, you make less loss, or vice versa.
    • Price of a nature rune: 424
    • If using fire runes instead of a staff, all alchemy profits are reduced by 495 (i.e. add that number to the numbers in the alchemy profit column)

Leather armour[edit source]

The bonus experience awarded for all leather items is 75% of the experience given when making the item, rounded down: for example, a black dragonhide body gives 258 experience, and researching it awards 193 (258×0.75=193.5, rounded down to 193).

Dragonhide[edit source]

Shields are not dropped (with the exception of the red dragonhide shield), so expected values given (if they're cleaned).

Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Materials Full Success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Black dragonhide body.pngBlack dragonhide body193.5 Crafting-37.87-56.08Black dragonhide5,973-1,355-1,691
Black dragonhide chaps.pngBlack dragonhide chaps129 Crafting-45.59-56.08Black dragonhide2,356-3,525-952
Black dragonhide vambraces.pngBlack dragonhide vambraces64.5 Crafting-40.95-56.08Black dragonhide-1,261-3,902-3,429
Black dragonhide shield.pngBlack dragonhide shield258 Crafting-38.56-56.08Black dragonhide9,590-358-769
Red dragonhide body.pngRed dragonhide body175.5 Crafting-33.78-56.91Red dragonhide5,109-820-1,205
Red dragonhide chaps.pngRed dragonhide chaps117 Crafting-35.68-56.91Red dragonhide1,780-2,395-904
Red dragonhide vambraces.pngRed dragonhide vambraces58.5 Crafting-26.43-56.91Red dragonhide-1,549-3,095-3,285
Red dragonhide shield.pngRed dragonhide shield234 Crafting-34.69-56.91Red dragonhide8,438320-121
Blue dragonhide body.pngBlue dragonhide body157.5 Crafting-32.53-56.44Blue dragonhide4,011-1,112-1,181
Blue dragonhide chaps.pngBlue dragonhide chaps105 Crafting-38.33-56.44Blue dragonhide1,048-2,977-1,120
Blue dragonhide vambraces.pngBlue dragonhide vambraces52.5 Crafting-37.77-56.44Blue dragonhide-1,915-3,898-3,291
Blue d'hide shield.pngBlue dragonhide shield208 Crafting-33.06-56.98Blue dragonhide6,97497-90
Green dragonhide body.pngGreen dragonhide body139.5 Crafting-29.97-39.31Green dragonhide606-3,575-3,650
Green dragonhide chaps.pngGreen dragonhide chaps93 Crafting-31.55-39.31Green dragonhide-1,222-4,156-3,138
Green dragonhide vambraces.pngGreen dragonhide vambraces46.5 Crafting-31.89-39.31Green dragonhide-3,050-4,533-4,126
Green dragonhide shield.pngGreen dragonhide shield185 Crafting-31.29-39.52Green dragonhide2,434-3,355-3,382

Other leathers[edit source]

Only snakeskin chaps are dropped, so the other snakeskin item bonus experience values are estimations. No hard leather items, nor leather shields, are dropped by monsters, so the bonus experience values are estimations.

Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Materials Full Success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Snakeskin bandana.pngSnakeskin bandana33.75 Crafting-46.64-749.63Snake hide20,42218,84820,666
Snakeskin body.pngSnakeskin body41.25 Crafting-1,025.33-1,84015 Snake hide71,02228,72770,696
Snakeskin chaps.pngSnakeskin chaps37.5 Crafting-129.81-1,619.212 Snake hide55,84250,97455,561
Snakeskin vambraces.pngSnakeskin vambraces26.25 Crafting-261.94-1,542.1Snake hide35,60228,72635,766
Snakeskin boots.pngSnakeskin boots22.5 Crafting-51.64-1,349.33Snake hide25,48224,32025,756
Hard leather body.pngHard leather body26.25 Crafting-27.73-17.9Cowhide-4,408-5,136-4,086
Hard leather boots.pngHard leather boots25.5 Crafting-6.04-18.43Cowhide-4,408-4,562-4,104
Hard leather gloves.pngHard leather gloves24 Crafting-5.25-19.58Cowhide-4,408-4,534-4,104
Hard leather shield.pngHard leather shield27 Crafting-22-17.41Cowhide-4,408-5,002-4,126
Leather cowl.pngLeather cowl13.875 Crafting-20.11-33.87Cowhide-4,408-4,687-3,998
Studded leather coif.pngStudded leather coif27.75 Crafting-30.85-16.94Cowhide-4,408-5,264-4,104
Leather body.pngLeather body18.75 Crafting-24.27-25.07Cowhide-4,408-4,863-3,996
Leather chaps.pngLeather chaps20.25 Crafting-24.25-23.21Cowhide-4,408-4,899-3,996
Leather vambraces.pngLeather vambraces16.5 Crafting-10-28.48Cowhide-4,408-4,573-3,994
Leather gloves.pngLeather gloves10.3125 Crafting-19.78-45.58Cowhide-4,408-4,612-3,987
Leather boots.pngLeather boots12.1875 Crafting-14.93-38.56Cowhide-4,408-4,590-3,987
Leather shield.pngLeather shield22.5 Crafting-16.53-20.89Cowhide-4,408-4,780-4,024

Bows[edit source]

Unfinished bows and bowstring are not cleaned.

Bows do not have a core material, instead having a seemingly equal chance to give either material in partial successes.

The bonus experience given is 75% the experience gained making one part of a bow (cutting or stringing), rounded down: for example, a shortbow gives 5 experience to cut and 5 more to string, but researching it gives 3 bonus experience (5×0.75=3.75, rounded down to 3). (This is also equal to 37.5% of the combined experience of cutting and stringing the bow.) Both maple bows and the magic and yew shieldbows are not dropped, thus the experience values are estimations based on the previous statement.

The crafting experience associated with spinning flax is ignored.

Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Materials Full Success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Magic shieldbow.pngMagic shieldbow68.625 Fletching-17.27-6.92Magic logs
Magic shortbow.pngMagic shortbow62.25 Fletching-19.39-7.63Magic logs
Yew shieldbow.pngYew shieldbow56.25 Fletching-14.97-4.69Yew logs
Yew shortbow.pngYew shortbow50.625 Fletching-17.48-5.21Yew logs
Maple shieldbow.pngMaple shieldbow43.725 Fletching-15.64-3.82Maple logs
Maple shortbow.pngMaple shortbow37.5 Fletching-19.97-4.45Maple logs
Willow shieldbow.pngWillow shieldbow31.125 Fletching-15.55-5.88Willow logs
Willow shortbow.pngWillow shortbow24.975 Fletching-23.38-7.33Willow logs
Oak shieldbow.pngOak shieldbow18.75 Fletching-42.35-10.45Oak logs
Oak shortbow.pngOak shortbow12.375 Fletching-55.84-15.84Oak logs
Shieldbow.pngShieldbow7.5 Fletching-116-56.13Logs
Shortbow.pngShortbow3.75 Fletching-240.27-112.27Logs

Jewellery[edit source]

The only dragonstone item to be dropped is bracelet. No gemmed amulets or necklaces are dropped. Enchanted jewellery is not cleaned. Jewellery has no core material, appearing equally likely to give any of their parts in a partial success. Dismantled amulets also provide wool; dismantled gemmed items also provide uncut gems.

The bonus experience awarded is 75% of the experience gained when making the item, rounded down. The cutting of gems is ignored. Amulets give 75% of stringing the item.

Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Materials Full Success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Dragonstone amulet.pngDragonstone amulet3 Crafting-3,463.67-4,136Uncut dragonstone
Gold ore
Dragonstone bracelet.pngDragonstone bracelet82.5 Crafting-128.46-141.68Uncut dragonstone
Gold ore
Dragonstone necklace.pngDragonstone necklace78.75 Crafting-128.83-148.43Uncut dragonstone
Gold ore
Dragonstone ring.pngDragonstone ring75 Crafting-129.21-155.85Uncut dragonstone
Gold ore
Diamond amulet.pngDiamond amulet3 Crafting-1,091-1,076.67Uncut diamond
Gold ore
Diamond bracelet.pngDiamond bracelet71.25 Crafting-30.22-35.24Uncut diamond
Gold ore
Diamond necklace.pngDiamond necklace67.5 Crafting-30.96-37.2Uncut diamond
Gold ore
Diamond ring.pngDiamond ring63.75 Crafting-31.25-39.39Uncut diamond
Gold ore
Ruby amulet.pngRuby amulet3 Crafting-887.67-671Uncut ruby
Gold ore
Ruby bracelet.pngRuby bracelet60 Crafting-28-21.57Uncut ruby
Gold ore
Ruby necklace.pngRuby necklace56.25 Crafting-31.45-23Uncut ruby
Gold ore
Ruby ring.pngRuby ring52.5 Crafting-31.35-24.65Uncut ruby
Gold ore
Emerald amulet.pngEmerald amulet3 Crafting-1,154.33-581Uncut emerald
Gold ore
Emerald bracelet.pngEmerald bracelet48.75 Crafting-28.45-21.01Uncut emerald
Gold ore
Emerald necklace.pngEmerald necklace45 Crafting-44.51-22.76Uncut emerald
Gold ore
Emerald ring.pngEmerald ring41.25 Crafting-32.68-24.82Uncut emerald
Gold ore
Sapphire amulet.pngSapphire amulet3 Crafting-536.33-439.33Uncut sapphire
Gold ore
Sapphire bracelet.pngSapphire bracelet45 Crafting-26.36-13.31Uncut sapphire
Gold ore
Sapphire necklace.pngSapphire necklace41.25 Crafting-32.58-14.52Uncut sapphire
Gold ore
Sapphire ring.pngSapphire ring30 Crafting-32.9-19.97Uncut sapphire
Gold ore
Gold amulet.pngGold amulet3 Crafting-262.33-324Gold ore
Gold bracelet.pngGold bracelet18.75 Crafting-27.52-13.49Gold ore-4,625-5,141-4,531
Gold necklace.pngGold necklace15 Crafting-51.2-16.87Gold ore-4,625-5,393-4,471
Gold ring.pngGold ring11.25 Crafting-61.96-22.49Gold ore-4,625-5,322-4,411

Battlestaves[edit source]

Only standard elemental battlestaves are affected; normal staves, mystic staves and combination staves are not spring cleaned.

The bonus experience awarded is equal to 75% of the experience gained in the final step of creating the battlestaff (attaching the orb to the staff), rounded down: for example, an air battlestaff gives 137.5 experience, and researching an air battlestaff gives 103 (137.5×0.75=103.125, rounded down to 103). The experience associated with crafting the molten glass from sand and soda ash, and with blowing the molten glass into an unpowered orb do not factor at all (despite being considered in the dismantle results).

The magic experience associated with charging the orb is ignored.

Item Research mode Dismantle mode
Core material Other materials Full Success Partial success
BXP received Coins/XP (GE) Coins/XP (Dismantle) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch) Raw Value Profit (GE) Profit (Alch)
Air battlestaff.pngAir battlestaff103.125 Crafting-81.02-74.94Battlestaff
30 Air rune
Cosmic rune
Unpowered orb
Fire battlestaff.pngFire battlestaff93.75 Crafting-89.26-99.71Battlestaff
30 Fire rune
Cosmic rune
Unpowered orb
Earth battlestaff.pngEarth battlestaff84.375 Crafting-100.27-83.41Battlestaff
30 Earth rune
Cosmic rune
Unpowered orb
Water battlestaff.pngWater battlestaff75 Crafting-111.76-95.04Battlestaff
30 Water rune
Cosmic rune
Unpowered orb

Salvage[edit source]

Item Disassembly mode High alch mode
No junk reduction Junk reduction 9
Coins/common Coins/uncommon Coins/common Coins/uncommon Raw profit Profit (GE)
Huge bladed rune salvage.pngHuge bladed rune salvage49.291,593.5842.291,367.3435,122-4,319
Huge spiky rune salvage.pngHuge spiky rune salvage48.781,577.2541.861,353.3435,122-3,915
Huge blunt rune salvage.pngHuge blunt rune salvage48.851,579.5241.921,355.2835,122-3,971
Huge plated rune salvage.pngHuge plated rune salvage48.831,578.9141.91,354.7635,122-3,956
Large bladed rune salvage.pngLarge bladed rune salvage48.561,57041.661,347.1127,122-3,964
Large spiky rune salvage.pngLarge spiky rune salvage65.592,120.8156.281,819.7327,122-14,870
Large blunt rune salvage.pngLarge blunt rune salvage67.582,185.257.991,874.9827,122-16,145
Large plated rune salvage.pngLarge plated rune salvage48.551,569.841.661,346.9427,122-3,960
Medium bladed rune salvage.pngMedium bladed rune salvage48.231,559.4641.381,338.0719,122-4,036
Medium spiky rune salvage.pngMedium spiky rune salvage48.011,552.4641.21,332.0619,122-3,932
Medium blunt rune salvage.pngMedium blunt rune salvage48.021,552.7941.211,332.3519,122-3,937
Medium plated rune salvage.pngMedium plated rune salvage48.31,561.7541.441,340.0419,122-4,070
Small bladed rune salvage.pngSmall bladed rune salvage64.062,071.2154.961,777.1711,122-9,383
Small spiky rune salvage.pngSmall spiky rune salvage47.961,550.7141.151,330.5611,122-4,230
Small blunt rune salvage.pngSmall blunt rune salvage67.82,192.2258.181,88111,122-10,581
Small plated rune salvage.pngSmall plated rune salvage47.361,531.3140.641,313.9211,122-4,038
Tiny bladed rune salvage.pngTiny bladed rune salvage46.081,489.939.541,278.383,122-4,253
Tiny spiky rune salvage.pngTiny spiky rune salvage44.51,438.7938.181,234.533,122-4,000
Tiny blunt rune salvage.pngTiny blunt rune salvage44.341,433.5438.041,230.023,122-3,974
Tiny plated rune salvage.pngTiny plated rune salvage44.651,443.8438.321,238.863,122-4,025
Huge bladed adamant salvage.pngHuge bladed adamant salvage25.64829.0420.44660.835,122-11,293
Huge spiky adamant salvage.pngHuge spiky adamant salvage19.47629.4915.52501.775,122-7,342
Huge blunt adamant salvage.pngHuge blunt adamant salvage23.2750.2518.5598.035,122-9,733
Huge plated adamant salvage.pngHuge plated adamant salvage17.68571.5714.09455.65,122-6,195
Large bladed adamant salvage.pngLarge bladed adamant salvage30.9998.9924.63796.33,122-12,702
Large spiky adamant salvage.pngLarge spiky adamant salvage26.18846.5920.87674.823,122-10,288
Large blunt adamant salvage.pngLarge blunt adamant salvage26.24848.5520.92676.383,122-10,319
Large plated adamant salvage.pngLarge plated adamant salvage28.4918.3722.64732.043,122-11,425
Medium bladed adamant salvage.pngMedium bladed adamant salvage23.18749.4918.48597.421,122-7,782
Medium spiky adamant salvage.pngMedium spiky adamant salvage25.78833.4220.55664.321,122-8,779
Medium blunt adamant salvage.pngMedium blunt adamant salvage30.26978.4524.12779.921,122-10,502
Medium plated adamant salvage.pngMedium plated adamant salvage13.32430.6410.62343.261,122-3,994
Small bladed adamant salvage.pngSmall bladed adamant salvage28.11908.9622.41724.54-878-8,077
Small spiky adamant salvage.pngSmall spiky adamant salvage19.08617.0515.21491.85-878-5,765
Small blunt adamant salvage.pngSmall blunt adamant salvage26.54858.2121.16684.08-878-7,675
Small plated adamant salvage.pngSmall plated adamant salvage12.19394.079.71314.11-878-3,999
Tiny bladed adamant salvage.pngTiny bladed adamant salvage38.051,230.330.33980.68-2,878-7,750
Tiny spiky adamant salvage.pngTiny spiky adamant salvage11.67377.279.3300.72-2,878-4,372
Tiny blunt adamant salvage.pngTiny blunt adamant salvage22.04712.6317.57568.04-2,878-5,700
Tiny plated adamant salvage.pngTiny plated adamant salvage10.69345.718.52275.56-2,878-4,247
Huge bladed mithril salvage.pngHuge bladed mithril salvage17549.6312.09390.9-1,878-10,040
Huge spiky mithril salvage.pngHuge spiky mithril salvage10.07325.527.16231.51-1,878-6,712
Huge blunt mithril salvage.pngHuge blunt mithril salvage12.05389.568.57277.06-1,878-7,663
Huge plated mithril salvage.pngHuge plated mithril salvage16.42530.9811.68377.63-1,878-9,763
Large bladed mithril salvage.pngLarge bladed mithril salvage13.63440.749.69313.46-2,478-7,714
Large spiky mithril salvage.pngLarge spiky mithril salvage10.78348.657.67247.96-2,478-6,620
Large blunt mithril salvage.pngLarge blunt mithril salvage11.25363.728258.68-2,478-6,799
Large plated mithril salvage.pngLarge plated mithril salvage10.87351.437.73249.94-2,478-6,653
Medium bladed mithril salvage.pngMedium bladed mithril salvage23.04744.8916.38529.77-3,078-9,715
Medium spiky mithril salvage.pngMedium spiky mithril salvage12.49403.938.88287.28-3,078-6,677
Medium blunt mithril salvage.pngMedium blunt mithril salvage12.59407.078.95289.51-3,078-6,705
Medium plated mithril salvage.pngMedium plated mithril salvage9.32301.356.63214.32-3,078-5,763
Small bladed mithril salvage.pngSmall bladed mithril salvage33.441,081.3123.78769.04-3,678-10,101
Small spiky mithril salvage.pngSmall spiky mithril salvage10.75347.477.64247.13-3,678-5,742
Small blunt mithril salvage.pngSmall blunt mithril salvage10.41336.77.41239.46-3,678-5,678
Small plated mithril salvage.pngSmall plated mithril salvage10.11326.777.19232.4-3,678-5,619
Tiny bladed mithril salvage.pngTiny bladed mithril salvage29.03938.7220.65667.62-4,278-7,066
Tiny spiky mithril salvage.pngTiny spiky mithril salvage6.92223.914.93159.24-4,278-4,943
Tiny blunt mithril salvage.pngTiny blunt mithril salvage3.47112.122.4779.74-4,278-4,611
Tiny plated mithril salvage.pngTiny plated mithril salvage12.87416.169.15295.98-4,278-5,514
Huge bladed steel salvage.pngHuge bladed steel salvage9.29300.515.44175.83-3,678-6,653
Huge spiky steel salvage.pngHuge spiky steel salvage6.43207.783.76121.57-3,678-5,735
Huge blunt steel salvage.pngHuge blunt steel salvage6.99225.864.09132.15-3,678-5,914
Huge plated steel salvage.pngHuge plated steel salvage7.85253.744.59148.46-3,678-6,190
Large bladed steel salvage.pngLarge bladed steel salvage7.95257.074.65150.41-3,918-5,954
Large spiky steel salvage.pngLarge spiky steel salvage6.25202.023.66118.2-3,918-5,518
Large blunt steel salvage.pngLarge blunt steel salvage6.51210.353.81123.08-3,918-5,584
Large plated steel salvage.pngLarge plated steel salvage7.05228.034.13133.42-3,918-5,724
Medium bladed steel salvage.pngMedium bladed steel salvage24.02776.614.05454.39-4,158-8,771
Medium spiky steel salvage.pngMedium spiky steel salvage7.16231.654.19135.54-4,158-5,534
Medium blunt steel salvage.pngMedium blunt steel salvage7.9255.564.62149.53-4,158-5,676
Medium plated steel salvage.pngMedium plated steel salvage9.37302.865.48177.21-4,158-5,957
Small bladed steel salvage.pngSmall bladed steel salvage21.55696.7212.61407.65-4,398-7,157
Small spiky steel salvage.pngSmall spiky steel salvage5.73185.353.35108.45-4,398-5,132
Small blunt steel salvage.pngSmall blunt steel salvage6.25202.023.66118.2-4,398-5,198
Small plated steel salvage.pngSmall plated steel salvage8.08261.114.73152.78-4,398-5,432
Tiny bladed steel salvage.pngTiny bladed steel salvage25.46823.2314.9481.68-4,638-6,268
Tiny spiky steel salvage.pngTiny spiky steel salvage3.98128.792.3375.35-4,638-4,893
Tiny blunt steel salvage.pngTiny blunt steel salvage6.45208.593.77122.04-4,638-5,051
Tiny plated steel salvage.pngTiny plated steel salvage6.67215.663.9126.18-4,638-5,065
Huge bladed iron salvage.pngHuge bladed iron salvage43.491,406.062.2974-4,553-5,249
Huge spiky iron salvage.pngHuge spiky iron salvage35.241,139.391.8559.97-4,553-5,117
Huge blunt iron salvage.pngHuge blunt iron salvage36.991,195.961.9562.95-4,553-5,145
Huge plated iron salvage.pngHuge plated iron salvage90.852,937.374.78154.6-4,553-6,007
Large bladed iron salvage.pngLarge bladed iron salvage38.51,244.952.0365.52-4,618-5,111
Large spiky iron salvage.pngLarge spiky iron salvage33.91,095.961.7857.68-4,618-5,052
Large blunt iron salvage.pngLarge blunt iron salvage35.461,146.461.8760.34-4,618-5,072
Large plated iron salvage.pngLarge plated iron salvage36.791,189.391.9462.6-4,618-5,089
Medium bladed iron salvage.pngMedium bladed iron salvage55.51,794.612.9294.45-4,683-5,216
Medium spiky iron salvage.pngMedium spiky iron salvage38.631,249.162.0365.75-4,683-5,054
Medium blunt iron salvage.pngMedium blunt iron salvage36.661,185.191.9362.38-4,683-5,035
Medium plated iron salvage.pngMedium plated iron salvage61.541,989.93.24104.73-4,683-5,274
Small bladed iron salvage.pngSmall bladed iron salvage38.581,247.472.0365.66-4,748-4,995
Small spiky iron salvage.pngSmall spiky iron salvage35.931,161.621.8961.14-4,748-4,978
Small blunt iron salvage.pngSmall blunt iron salvage33.91,095.961.7857.68-4,748-4,965
Small plated iron salvage.pngSmall plated iron salvage46.71,510.12.4679.48-4,748-5,047
Tiny bladed iron salvage.pngTiny bladed iron salvage39.991,292.932.168.05-4,813-4,941
Tiny spiky iron salvage.pngTiny spiky iron salvage34.991,131.311.8459.54-4,813-4,925
Tiny blunt iron salvage.pngTiny blunt iron salvage37.181,202.021.9663.26-4,813-4,932
Tiny plated iron salvage.pngTiny plated iron salvage46.551,505.052.4579.21-4,813-4,962
Huge bladed bronze salvage.pngHuge bladed bronze salvage11.81381.820.6220.1-4,778-4,967
Huge spiky bronze salvage.pngHuge spiky bronze salvage10.93353.540.5818.61-4,778-4,953
Huge blunt bronze salvage.pngHuge blunt bronze salvage10.93353.540.5818.61-4,778-4,953
Huge plated bronze salvage.pngHuge plated bronze salvage13.5436.360.7122.97-4,778-4,994
Large bladed bronze salvage.pngLarge bladed bronze salvage10.86351.010.5718.47-4,798-4,937
Large spiky bronze salvage.pngLarge spiky bronze salvage10.47338.380.5517.81-4,798-4,932
Large blunt bronze salvage.pngLarge blunt bronze salvage10.47338.380.5517.81-4,798-4,932
Large plated bronze salvage.pngLarge plated bronze salvage10.47338.380.5517.81-4,798-4,932
Medium bladed bronze salvage.pngMedium bladed bronze salvage16.87545.450.8928.71-4,818-4,980
Medium spiky bronze salvage.pngMedium spiky bronze salvage13.12424.240.6922.33-4,818-4,944
Medium blunt bronze salvage.pngMedium blunt bronze salvage10.73346.80.5618.25-4,818-4,921
Medium plated bronze salvage.pngMedium plated bronze salvage16.14521.890.8527.47-4,818-4,973
Small bladed bronze salvage.pngSmall bladed bronze salvage11.4368.690.619.4-4,838-4,911
Small spiky bronze salvage.pngSmall spiky bronze salvage12.65409.090.6721.53-4,838-4,919
Small blunt bronze salvage.pngSmall blunt bronze salvage10.47338.380.5517.81-4,838-4,905
Small plated bronze salvage.pngSmall plated bronze salvage19.84641.411.0433.76-4,838-4,965
Tiny bladed bronze salvage.pngTiny bladed bronze salvage11.87383.840.6220.2-4,858-4,896
Tiny spiky bronze salvage.pngTiny spiky bronze salvage10.93353.540.5818.61-4,858-4,893
Tiny blunt bronze salvage.pngTiny blunt bronze salvage11.56373.740.6119.67-4,858-4,895
Tiny plated bronze salvage.pngTiny plated bronze salvage22.18717.171.1737.75-4,858-4,929