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This calculator details the number of sandstone you can expect daily with various setups.

Templates used
template = Calculator:Mining/Sandstone/Template
form = sandstoneForm
result = sandstoneResult
param = priffdinas|Mining crystal sandstone after Plague's End?|true|check|1,0|true=edimmu
param = desert|Elite Desert achievements completed?|false|check|1,0
param = edimmu|115 Dungeoneering for the resource dungeon?|false|check|1,0
param = resourceful|Resourceful aura.png: RS3 Inventory image of Resourceful auraResourceful aura active?|false|check|1,0
param = star|Shooting star bonus active?|false|check|1,0
param = insignia|Collector's insignia.png: RS3 Inventory image of Collector's insigniaCollector's insignia equipped?|None|buttonselect|None,Uncharged,Charged
param = familiar|Using a familiar?|None|buttonselect|None,Waterfiend,Pack yak
param = honed|Honed.pngHoned rank?|0|int|0-6
param = fortune|Fortune.pngFortune rank?|0|int|0-3
param = level20|Using a level 20 augmented pickaxe?|false|check|1,0
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