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This calculator or section is incomplete and could do with improvement.
Reason: Does not include the Amulet of bountiful harvest
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This calculator determines which seeds are worth using a miraculous treatment on in the event of death, instead of simply harvesting and replanting using new seeds. This does not include untradeable seeds and, for obvious reasons, assumes the player doesn't pay farmers to look after their crops.

Templates used
Calculator:Farming/Miraculous treatment/template
Calculator:Farming/Miraculous treatment/template/row

name=Miraculous treatment calculator autosubmit=on form=miracle-cure-calc-input result=miracle-cure-calc-output template=Calculator:Farming/Miraculous_treatment/template param=seed-type|Seed Type|Allotment|select|Allotment,Flower,Herb,Hops,Bush,Cactus,Mushroom,Miscellaneous param=compost-type|Compost type|None|select|No compost,Compost,Supercompost,Ultracompost param=scroll-of-life|Scroll of Life unlocked (no effect on flowers)|false|check|true,false param=modified-hat|Wearing a modified farmer's hat or equivalent|false|check|true,false

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