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The amount of experience gained from disassembling or siphoning equipment depends on both the level of the item and on the tier of equipment it belongs to. Previously the Invention experience rates given through siphoning and disassembling equipment was the same regardless of tier, however, an update on 14 March 2016 introduced a tier-based experience system. Tier-80 functions as a baseline for the experience gained from siphoning and disassembly, with tier-90 equipment offering roughly 15% more experience and tier-70 equipment offering roughly 15% less.

Item and Invention experience by equipment tier[edit source]

The ratio of Invention experience gained to item experience generally increases with level, but there are some notable exceptions. Cells marked in green are the optimum levels for siphoning or disassembling on a purely time based consideration. However, players may consider it more efficient to train items to level 10 (or 12) before using siphons, if they wish to construct or buy fewer siphons.

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