Calculator:Divination/Onyx dust conversion

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Templates used
Calculator:Template/Divination/Onyx dust conversion

Calculates the profit from uncut onyxes using the GE price, when transmuting onyx dust, using either type of energy, incandescent or cursed. Enter your desired price you bought the incandescent or cursed at to see if it is profitable, since cursed energy has a static price of 500 gp, cursed is not used at that price for the calculator. Also calculates the number of energies needed and onyx dust needed to create how ever many desired uncut onyxes.

Cursed energy is to be transmuted into incandescent. When inputting the amount of uncut onyxes with the cursed energy, it should be done in multiples of 3 to get an even figure.

 template = Calculator:Template/Divination/Onyx dust conversion
 form = Form
 result = Result
 param = onyxincan|Desired onyxes (incandescent)|1|int|
 param = incanprice|Price paid for incandescent energy|0|int|
 param = onyxcursed|Desired onyxes (cursed)|3|int|
 param = cursedprice|Price paid for cursed energy|0|int|
The calculator was unable to load.