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The following subpages are cost-analysis tables of items that give each specific material.

About[edit source]

Items that give a specific material need several points of information to calculate the cost for that material:

  • The Grand Exchange price of the item - known (though be wary of inaccurate prices)
  • The junk chance of the item - known (via Analyse)
  • The number of materials the item gives upon disassembly - known (via Analyse)
  • The chance of getting the specific material, after junk - unknown without research. Please contribute to the research here!

The formula used to calculate the cost per material is:


Material calculators[edit source]

Common materials[edit source]

Uncommon materials[edit source]

Rare materials[edit source]

Other[edit source]

Full calculators[edit source]

Several of the above have been pre-filtered by buy limit as they contain a large number of items with low buy limits, making them a poor option for bulk disassembly. They usually end up with multiple pages due to processing limits. See the full versions here: