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This is a list of all tradeable items in the disassembly category we've named "scrolls", with the effective cost per material obtained. This is a measure of how much obtaining each non-junk material will cost at base junk chance, with the option to change to any junk chance using JavaScript.

For more details on the calculator, see Calculator:Disassembly by category. Be aware that not all items have been updated with disassembly details. See here for instructions on how to help the wiki gather this information!

Items in the "scrolls" category break down into:

Please enable JavaScript to be able to change the junk reduction used, or switch to auto disassemblers. Until then, the table displays values for no junk reduction with no machine only.
ItemMaterialsJunkPrice per
per hour
Efficiency ratio
10 × Abyssal Demon scroll (Abyssal Block).png Abyssal Demon scroll (Abyssal Block)21%31,7605,00016,040.45,940
10 × Abyssal Lurker scroll (Abyssal Stealth).png Abyssal Lurker scroll (Abyssal Stealth)231.8%7,3305,0005,373.94,091
10 × Abyssal Parasite scroll (Abyssal Drain).png Abyssal Parasite scroll (Abyssal Drain)240.6%5,3805,0004,528.623,564
10 × Abyssal Titan scroll (Essence Shipment).png Abyssal Titan scroll (Essence Shipment)20%3,8005,0001,9006,000
10 × Adamant Minotaur scroll (Adamant Bull Rush).png Adamant Minotaur scroll (Adamant Bull Rush)23.80%2,1805,0001,133.065,772
10 × Albino Rat scroll (Cheese Feast).png Albino Rat scroll (Cheese Feast)274.7%1,4905,0002,944.661,518
10 × Arctic Bear scroll (Arctic Blast).png Arctic Bear scroll (Arctic Blast)221.9%1,0305,000659.414,686
10 × Barker Toad scroll (Toad Bark).png Barker Toad scroll (Toad Bark)227.4%7305,000502.754,356
10 × Beaver scroll (Multichop).png Beaver scroll (Multichop)263.7%1,1205,0001,542.72,178
10 × Bloated Leech scroll (Blood Drain).png Bloated Leech scroll (Blood Drain)246.1%1,4205,0001,317.253,233
10 × Blood Reaver scroll (Blood Siphon).png Blood Reaver scroll (Blood Siphon)219.7%45,0305,00028,038.614,818
10 × Bronze Minotaur scroll (Bronze Bull Rush).png Bronze Minotaur scroll (Bronze Bull Rush)260.4%1,2105,0001,527.782,376
10 × Bull Ant scroll (Unburden).png Bull Ant scroll (Unburden)256%5005,000568.182,639
10 × Bunyip scroll (Swallow Whole).png Bunyip scroll (Swallow Whole)225.2%1,5605,0001,042.784,488
10 × Compost Mound scroll (Generate Compost).png Compost Mound scroll (Generate Compost)269.2%5505,000892.861,847
10 × Desert Wyrm scroll (Electric Lash).png Desert Wyrm scroll (Electric Lash)280.2%4705,0001,186.871,187
10 × Dreadfowl scroll (Dreadfowl Strike).png Dreadfowl scroll (Dreadfowl Strike)295.6%4405,0005,000264
10 × Elemental Titan scroll (Titan's Constitution).png Elemental Titan scroll (Titan's Constitution)22.70%3,0405,0001,562.185,838
10 × Evil Turnip scroll (Evil Flames).png Evil Turnip scroll (Evil Flames)253.8%1,4105,0001,525.972,772
10 × Forge Regent scroll (Inferno).png Forge Regent scroll (Inferno)23.80%1,7605,000914.765,772
10 × Fruit Bat scroll (Fruitfall).png Fruit Bat scroll (Fruitfall)224.1%3,0105,0001,982.874,554
10 × Gargoyle scroll (Hammer Rock).png Gargoyle scroll (Hammer Rock)24.20%41,4805,00021,649.275,748
10 × Geyser Titan scroll (Boil).png Geyser Titan scroll (Boil)20.30%3,1005,0001,554.665,982
10 × Giant Chinchompa scroll (Explode).png Giant Chinchompa scroll (Explode)268.1%1,2505,0001,959.251,914
10 × Giant Ent scroll (Acorn Missile).png Giant Ent scroll (Acorn Missile)23%2,4105,0001,242.275,820
10 × Granite Crab scroll (Stony Shell).png Granite Crab scroll (Stony Shell)282.4%2005,000568.181,055
10 × Granite Lobster scroll (Crushing Claw).png Granite Lobster scroll (Crushing Claw)218.6%2,3305,0001,431.24,884
10 × Hellhound scroll (Soul Food).png Hellhound scroll (Soul Food)250.5%52,2405,00052,767.682,970
10 × Holy scarab scroll (Bone Conjure).png Holy scarab scroll (Bone Conjure)22.30%1,5805,000808.65,862
10 × Honey Badger scroll (Insane Ferocity).png Honey Badger scroll (Insane Ferocity)264.8%9205,0001,306.822,112
10 × Hydra scroll (Regrowth).png Hydra scroll (Regrowth)22.30%1,7705,000905.835,862
10 × Ibis scroll (Fish Rain).png Ibis scroll (Fish Rain)238.4%1,5105,0001,225.653,696
10 × Iron Minotaur scroll (Iron Bull Rush).png Iron Minotaur scroll (Iron Bull Rush)249.4%1,6905,0001,669.963,036
10 × Iron Titan scroll (Iron Within).png Iron Titan scroll (Iron Within)20%2,9605,0001,4806,000
10 × Kal'gerion Demon scroll (Crit-i-Kal).png Kal'gerion Demon scroll (Crit-i-Kal)20%65,5105,00032,7556,000
10 × Karamthulu Overlord scroll (Doomsphere).png Karamthulu Overlord scroll (Doomsphere)236.2%1,9705,0001,543.893,827
10 × Lava Titan scroll (Ebon Thunder).png Lava Titan scroll (Ebon Thunder)21.40%3,3305,0001,688.645,916
10 × Lesser Demon scroll (Ring of Fire).png Lesser Demon scroll (Ring of Fire)21.70%31,9105,00016,230.935,898
10 × Light Creature scroll (Enlightenment).png Light Creature scroll (Enlightenment)20.40%4,5405,0002,279.125,976
10 × Macaw scroll (Herbcall).png Macaw scroll (Herbcall)254.9%9805,0001,086.472,706
10 × Magpie scroll (Thieving Fingers).png Magpie scroll (Thieving Fingers)248.3%1,0305,000996.133,102
10 × Meerkat scroll (Fetch Casket).png Meerkat scroll (Fetch Casket)295.6%76,250300866,477.27264
10 × Mithril Minotaur scroll (Mithril Bull Rush).png Mithril Minotaur scroll (Mithril Bull Rush)227.4%2,1005,0001,446.284,356
10 × Muspah scroll (Siphon Self).png Muspah scroll (Siphon Self)22%20,5905,00010,505.15,880
10 × Nihil scroll (Annihilate).png Nihil scroll (Annihilate)20.60%215,3605,000108,329.985,964
10 × Obsidian Golem scroll (Volcanic Strength).png Obsidian Golem scroll (Volcanic Strength)219.7%2,5505,0001,587.84,818
10 × Pack Mammoth scroll (Mammoth Feast).png Pack Mammoth scroll (Mammoth Feast)20%22,5005,00011,2506,000
10 × Pack Yak scroll (Winter Storage).png Pack Yak scroll (Winter Storage)20%3,0805,0001,5406,000
10 × Phoenix scroll (Rise From the Ashes).png Phoenix scroll (Rise From the Ashes)220.8%2,3205,0001,464.654,752
10 × Praying Mantis scroll (Mantis Strike).png Praying Mantis scroll (Mantis Strike)24.20%2,2305,0001,163.885,748
10 × Pyrelord scroll (Immense Heat).png Pyrelord scroll (Immense Heat)249.4%1,4405,0001,422.923,036
10 × Ravenous Locut scroll (Famine).png Ravenous Locut scroll (Famine)223%1,4205,000922.084,620
10 × Ripper Demon scroll (Death From Above).png Ripper Demon scroll (Death From Above)20%37,3405,00018,6706,000
10 × Rune Minotaur scroll (Rune Bull Rush).png Rune Minotaur scroll (Rune Bull Rush)20.80%1,2805,000645.165,952
10 × Smoke Devil scroll (Dust Cloud).png Smoke Devil scroll (Dust Cloud)232.9%6,5405,0004,873.324,026
10 × Spirit Cobra scroll (Ophidian Incubation).png Spirit Cobra scroll (Ophidian Incubation)230.7%11,5605,0008,340.554,158
10 × Spirit Cockatrice scroll (Petrifying Gaze).png Spirit Cockatrice scroll (Petrifying Gaze)252.7%9705,0001,025.372,838
10 × Spirit Dagannoth scroll (Spike Shot).png Spirit Dagannoth scroll (Spike Shot)21.40%9805,000496.965,916
10 × Spirit Graahk scroll (Goad).png Spirit Graahk scroll (Goad)237.3%2,4405,0001,945.773,762
10 × Spirit Jelly scroll (Dissolve).png Spirit Jelly scroll (Dissolve)239.5%2,0405,0001,685.953,630
10 × Spirit Kalphite scroll (Sandstorm).png Spirit Kalphite scroll (Sandstorm)272.5%1,4605,0002,654.551,650
10 × Spirit Kyatt scroll (Ambush).png Spirit Kyatt scroll (Ambush)237.3%3,8405,0003,062.23,762
10 × Spirit Larupia scroll (Rending).png Spirit Larupia scroll (Rending)237.3%2,4505,0001,953.753,762
10 × Spirit Mosquito scroll (Pester).png Spirit Mosquito scroll (Pester)281.3%2805,000748.661,122
10 × Spirit Scorpion scroll (Venom Shot).png Spirit Scorpion scroll (Venom Shot)279.1%7105,0001,698.561,254
10 × Spirit Spider scroll (Egg Spawn).png Spirit Spider scroll (Egg Spawn)289%7305,0003,318.18659
10 × Spirit Terrorbird scroll (Tireless Run).png Spirit Terrorbird scroll (Tireless Run)242.8%6005,000524.483,432
10 × Spirit Tz-Kih scroll (Fireball Assault).png Spirit Tz-Kih scroll (Fireball Assault)275.8%9405,0001,942.151,452
10 × Spirit Wolf scroll (Howl).png Spirit Wolf scroll (Howl)298.9%4305,00019,545.4566
10 × Steel Minotaur scroll (Steel Bull Rush).png Steel Minotaur scroll (Steel Bull Rush)238.4%1,6805,0001,363.643,696
10 × Steel Titan scroll (Steel of Legends).png Steel Titan scroll (Steel of Legends)20%4,9305,0002,4656,000
10 × Stranger Plant scroll (Poisonous Blast).png Stranger Plant scroll (Poisonous Blast)229.6%1,7105,0001,214.494,224
10 × Swamp Titan scroll (Swamp Plague).png Swamp Titan scroll (Swamp Plague)21%2,1005,0001,060.615,940
10 × Talon Beast scroll (Deadly Claw).png Talon Beast scroll (Deadly Claw)23.40%4,8205,0002,494.825,796
10 × Thorny Snail scroll (Slime Spray).png Thorny Snail scroll (Slime Spray)285.7%2605,000909.09858
10 × Unicorn Stallion scroll (Healing Aura).png Unicorn Stallion scroll (Healing Aura)20.40%1,8205,000913.655,976
10 × Vampyre Bat scroll (Vampyre Touch).png Vampyre Bat scroll (Vampyre Touch)265.9%1,0005,0001,466.282,045
10 × Void scroll (Call to Arms).png Void scroll (Call to Arms)262.6%5,1605,0006,898.42,244
10 × War Tortoise scroll (Testudo).png War Tortoise scroll (Testudo)226.3%1,6705,0001,132.974,422
10 × Waterfiend scroll (Straight Flush).png Waterfiend scroll (Straight Flush)245%26,8205,00024,381.823,300
10 × Wolpertinger scroll (Magic Focus).png Wolpertinger scroll (Magic Focus)20%2,9205,0001,4606,000
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