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This is a list of all tradeable items in the disassembly category we've named "metallic artefacts", with the effective cost per material obtained. This is a measure of how much obtaining each non-junk material will cost at base junk chance, with the option to change to any junk chance using JavaScript.

For more details on the calculator, see Calculator:Disassembly by category. Be aware that not all items have been updated with disassembly details. See here for instructions on how to help the wiki gather this information!

Items in the "metallic artefacts" category break down into:

Please enable JavaScript to be able to change the junk reduction used, or switch to auto disassemblers. Until then, the table displays values for no junk reduction with no machine only.
ItemMaterialsJunkPrice per
per hour
Efficiency ratio
'Lust' metal sculpture.png 'Lust' metal sculpture828.5%160,695028,093.5317,160
'Nosorog!' sculpture.png 'Nosorog!' sculpture140%461,166032,940.4342,000
'Possession' metal sculpture.png 'Possession' metal sculpture180%365,108020,283.7854,000
'Torment' metal sculpture.png 'Torment' metal sculpture100.30%404,470040,568.7129,910
Branding iron.png Branding iron850.5%226,258057,135.8611,880
Bronze Dominion medal.png Bronze Dominion medal824.1%368,703060,721.8418,216
Chaos star.png Chaos star825.2%454,436075,941.8417,952
Dominion torch.png Dominion torch824.1%290,258047,802.718,216
Everlight harp.png Everlight harp843.9%222,698049,620.7713,463
Everlight trumpet.png Everlight trumpet843.9%220,048049,030.313,463
Gold dish.png Gold dish240%482,110020,087.9272,000
Hallowed lantern.png Hallowed lantern653.8%195,827070,644.668,316
Hookah pipe.png Hookah pipe678%80,562061,031.823,959
Idithuun horn ring.png Idithuun horn ring140%280,804020,057.4342,000
Ikovian gerege.png Ikovian gerege1023%177,102023,000.2623,100
Kal-i-kra warhorn.png Kal-i-kra warhorn240%487,440020,31072,000
Kilaya.png Kilaya140%329,136023,509.7142,000
Manacles.png Manacles850.5%183,044046,223.2311,880
Model chariot.png Model chariot826.3%178,316030,243.5517,688
Silver Dominion medal.png Silver Dominion medal824.1%369,333060,825.5918,216
Spiked dog collar.png Spiked dog collar825.2%219,128036,618.9817,952
Trishula.png Trishula180%507,470028,192.7854,000
Tsutsaroth piercing.png Tsutsaroth piercing180%668,804037,155.7854,000
Vazara.png Vazara140%285,764020,411.7142,000
Zarosian stein.png Zarosian stein140%263,092018,792.2942,000
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