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This calculator calculates the damage Ruby bolts (e) or Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) will do. Actual damage might differ by a small margin due to rounding.


Templates used
template  = Calculator:Template/Combat/RubyBolts
form      = rubyCalc
result    = rubyCalc_res

param     = monsterinfogroup|Monster Information||group|lookup_toggle,max_hp,monster_Name,version,current_hp
param     = lookup_toggle|Monster Lookup|true|check|1,0|false=max_hp;true=monster_Name,version
param     = max_hp|Monster Maximum LP|100000|int
param     = monster_Name|Monster Name|Nex|article
param     = version|Monster version||string
param     = current_hp|Monster Current LP|50000|int

param     = playerinfogroup|Player Information||group|your_max_hp,your_hp,playerlevelgroup,playerboostsgroup,playerextragroup
param     = your_max_hp|Player Maximum LP|10100|int|1-||This is relevant for the Berserker's Fury relic power.
param     = your_hp|Player Current LP|10100|int|1-||This is relevant for the amount of LP the player loses from a ruby proc and also for the Berserker's Fury relic power.

param     = playerlevelgroup|Player Level and Gear||group|critical,30cap,rangedlevelbase,rangedlevelboosted,pocket,seers,ranged_Cape
param     = critical|Critical Hit|true|check|1,0||This allows for critical hits.
param     = 30cap|Apply 30,000 damage cap|false|check|1,0||This sets the critical hit cap to 30k.
param     = rangedlevelbase|Base Ranged level|99|int|1-99||Player's base Ranged level.
param     = rangedlevelboosted|Boosted Ranged level|130|int|1-133||Player's Ranged level after boosts.
param     = pocket|Pocket slot|None|select|None,Erethdors grimoire,Scrimshaw of cruelty,Superior scrimshaw of cruelty||Active pocket slot item.
param     = seers|Elite Seers' Diary Completed|true|check|1,0||+2% bolt proc chance.
param     = ranged_Cape|Ranged cape perk|true|check|1,0|| x1.12 bolt proc chance after all other boosts.

param     = playerboostsgroup|Player Boosts||group|prayer,aura,needle,swiftness,vulnerability,smokecloud,berserkersfuryrelicpower
param     = prayer|Prayer/Curse|None|select|None,Desolation,Anguish,Leech Range Strength (+ Amulet of zealots),Rigour||Desolation: x1.12 damage
Anguish: x1.1
Leech Range Strength (+ Amulet of zealots): x1.18
Rigour: x1.08 param = aura|Aura|None|select|None,Reckless,Mahjarrat||Reckless: x1.1 (not applied if Death's Swiftness is checked)
Mahjarrat: x1.05 damage param = needle|Needle Strike|false|check|1,0||x1.07 damage param = swiftness|Death's Swiftness|false|check|1,0||x1.5 damage param = vulnerability|Vulnerability|false|check|1,0||x1.1 damage param = smokecloud|Smoke Cloud|false|check|1,0||Increases critical hit damage by 6% and increases critical hit cap by 4.8% for Ranged. param = berserkersfuryrelicpower|Berserker's Fury relic power|false|check|1,0||Damage increases the lower the player's LP relative to their max. See Berserker's Fury for details. param = playerextragroup|Extra Information||group|average_toggle,average,time param = average_toggle|Calculate Average Increase|true|check|1,0|true=average,time param = average|Average Damage|3000|int|1-30000||Damage done without a ruby bolt proc. param = time|Time between hits (sec)|1.8|number|0.1,infinity||Normal time between abilities is 1.8 seconds (3 game ticks).
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Template documentation
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Monster lookup

Choose whether to manually enter maximum lp, or look up a monster's maximum lp.

Monster name

Input a monster name, for example "Nex." Only works if the page you entered 1) is actually a monster and 2) does not have dynamic lp (for example, Telos had differing lp based on enrage and does not work with this calculator).

Monster version

Version of a monster. For monsters with multiple queries associated with it. An example for Araxxor includes: Magic, Melee, Ranged.

Monster Maximum LP

Give custom maximum Life points.

Monster Current LP

Current LP of the monster.

Player Maximum LP

Player's maximum LP.

Player Current LP

How much LP you have, for the purpose of calculating self damage and for Berserker's Fury relic power.


Whether the current hit is a critical hit. This increases the damage cap.

Apply 30,000 damage cap

This sets the maximum damage possible to 30,000.

Base Ranged level

Player's base ranged level.

Boosted Ranged level

Player's ranged level after boosts (after potions, reckless aura, etc.)

Pocket slot

Activate item in pocket slot (scrimshaw of cruelty, Erethdor's grimoire, etc.)

Elite Seers diary completed

Toggle whether you have completed Seers' achievements 4.

Ranged cape perk

Toggle whether the effects of the ranged cape are active.


Active prayer/curse.


Active aura.

Needle Strike

7% damage modifier provided by the Needle Strike basic ability.

Death's swiftness

50% damage modifier provided by the Death's swiftness ultimate ability.


10% damage modifier provided by the vulnerability magic spell.

Smoke Cloud

4.8% increase to critical hit cap. 6% increase to critical hit damage. Affects soft cap values.

Berserker's Fury relic power

Provides a damage increase dependent on the ratio of the player's current LP to maximum LP. See Berserker's Fury for more details.

Calculate Average Increase

Calculate the increase of damage per hit by using ruby bolts (e)

Average Damage

Your average damage per hit (first hit of bleeds only) and auto attacks, before damage modifiers such as prayer, scrimshaws and boosted levels (so only including weapon and armor bonus). If you want to calculate this yourself, keep track of how much damage you do over 5 minutes and divide it by the number of hits.

Time between hits (sec)

The time between every hit in seconds. Used for calculating average damage increase. Does not have to be an integer, for example 1.8.