Calculator:Combat/Ripper demon passive

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Templates used
 template  = Calculator:Template/Combat/Ripper_demon_passive
 form      = ripperdemonCalc
 result    = ripperdemonCalc_res
 param     = lookup_toggle|Monster Lookup|true|check|1,0|false=max_hp;true=monster_Name
 param     = max_hp|Maximum Life points|3000000|int
 param     = monster_Name|Monster Name|Nex: Angel of Death|article
 param     = current_hp|Current Life points|600000|int
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Template documentation
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Ripper demon passive

This template is for Calculator:Combat/Ripper demon passive, a calculator that finds the damage increase for the Ripper Demon (familiar).

Monster lookup

Choose whether to manually enter maximum life points, or look up a monster's maximum life points.

Monster name

Input a monster name, for example "Nex: Angel of Death". Only works if the page entered 1) is actually a monster and 2) does not have dynamic lp (for example, Telos had differing lp based on enrage and does not work with this calculator).

Maximum Life points

Give custom maximum life points of target.

Current Life points

Give current life points of target.