Calculator:Combat/Ripper demon passive

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Templates used
 template  = Calculator:Template/Combat/Ripper_demon_passive
 form      = ripperdemonCalc
 result    = ripperdemonCalc_res
 param     = lookup_toggle|Monster Lookup|true|check|1,0|false=max_hp;true=monster_Name,version
 param     = max_hp|Maximum Life points|3000000|int
 param     = monster_Name|Monster Name|Nex: Angel of Death|article
 param     = version|Monster version||string
 param     = current_hp|Current Life points|600000|int
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Template documentation
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Ripper demon passive

This template is for Calculator:Combat/Ripper demon passive, a calculator that finds the damage increase for the Ripper Demon (familiar).

Monster lookup

Choose whether to manually enter maximum life points, or look up a monster's maximum life points.

Monster name

Input a monster name, for example "Nex: Angel of Death". Only works if the page entered 1) is actually a monster and 2) does not have dynamic lp (for example, Telos had differing lp based on enrage and does not work with this calculator).

Monster version

Version of a monster. For monsters with multiple queries associated with it. An example for Araxxor includes: Magic, Melee, Ranged.

Maximum Life points

Give custom maximum life points of target.

Current Life points

Give current life points of target.