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The maximum melee hit calculator is for calculating your maximum hit with melee with advanced parameters.

Calculator[edit source]

Templates used
Melee max hit
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Notes on inputs[edit source]

Dragon battleaxe special (recovered %)[edit source]

If you plan to use another special attack (i.e. you use the dragon battleaxe's special attack, equip a different weapon, wait for the special bar to restore and use that weapon's special attack), then select the input using with the value required to use the second weapon's special attack. This will make the damage more accurate, as the boost from the dragon battleaxe special attack will wear off slightly while waiting for the special bar to restore. Recover special potions are not accounted for.

Custom prayer bonus/level[edit source]

Leech Strength varies with time between a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 10%, and Turmoil varies with the opponent's level between a minimum of 23% and a maximum of 32%. If you have a more precise value (read from the prayer menu), set Prayer used to Custom bonus and input that bonus to Custom prayer bonus/level. Alternatively, if you are using Turmoil and know your opponent's strength level, set Prayer used to Custom level and input your opponents strength level into Custom prayer bonus/level.

Other inputs[edit source]

  • A slayer-based helmet is one of the following:
  • Full void melee must be worn to be effective - the top, robe, gloves, helm. A deflector can be worn in place of another item except the helm.
  • The Amulet of zealots only affects the Burst of Strength, Superhuman Strength, and Ultimate Strength prayers and the Leech Strength curse. It does not affect Chivalry, Piety or Turmoil.
  • Castlewar brace is only effective when fighting a flagbearer.
  • Berserker necklace is only effective when using an obsidian weapon.
  • Salve amulet and Salve amulet (e) are only effective when fighting Undead.
  • Keris is only effective when fighting Kalphites or Scabarites.
  • Maximum and current life points are only required if the special attack is selected to be Dharok's set effect.
  • Ring of kinship set to berserker (needs to be added to the calculator)(ignore if not dungeoneering).

Other notes[edit source]

Stacking[edit source]

Certain effects stack with some other effects but not with others. The following table summarises what stacks with what. Hover over the cells for additional reasons. Half of table omitted as it will be a copy of the other half.

Prayers stack with everything.

Not covered[edit source]

  • All decorative armour sets' max hit bonuses (platebody, platelegs, shield) within Castle Wars - effect on formula is unknown

Not 100% correct[edit source]

  • Extreme strength bonus
  • Balmung, dragon halberd, dragon longsword, dragon mace, and dragon claws special attack bonuses are not specified in the Game Guide, and have not been tested as rigorously as the various other effects have been, so may be incorrect.

Disclaimer[edit source]

This calculator finds an approximation to your maximum hit. It may be incorrect, especially when using a special attack. If you hit higher than the template predicts, report your findings (including details on all variables above) on the formula thread for analysis, which may result in a more accurate formula being produced.