Calculator:Combat/Drop Rate

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Drop Rate Calculator[edit source]

Templates used
Calculator:Template/Combat/Drop Rate

Enter the amount of creatures killed and the drop rate for an item.

 template  = Calculator:Template/Combat/Drop Rate
 form      = droprateCalcForm
 result    = droprateCalcResult
 param     = group1|Drop options||group|kills,droprate,hasThreshold,dropCount,threshold
 param     = kills|Kills|100|int|1-
 param     = droprate|Droprate|100|string|||Either an expression (e.g. 1/100), a decimal smaller than 1 (e.g. 0.2) or a number larger than 1 (e.g. 90.5, which is interpreted as 1/90.5)
 param     = hasThreshold|Has threshold|false|check||true=threshold;false=dropCount
 param     = dropCount|Drop count|1|int|0-|||Number of drops obtained
 param     = threshold|Threshold|1000|int|1-
 param     = group2|Plot options||group|scaleType,useCustomViewRange,customViewRangeType,lowerBound,upperBound
 param     = scaleType|Select scale|linear|buttonselect|linear,logarithmic
 param     = useCustomViewRange|Use custom view range|false|check||true=lowerBound,upperBound,customViewRangeType
 param     = customViewRangeType|Range type|Kill count|buttonselect|Kill count,Drop count
 param     = lowerBound|Lower bound|0|int|0-
 param     = upperBound|Upper bound|1000|int|1-
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