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Templates used
 template = Calculator:Template/Combat/Divert
 form     = divertForm
 result   = divertResult

 param    = setting|Return adrenaline gained or minimum damage?|Adrenaline|buttonselect|Adrenaline,Damage|Adrenaline=damageTaken;Damage=adrenalineDesired|Returns either adrenaline gained for a given amount of damage taken or the minimum amount of damage needed to be taken in order to gain at least a  specific amount of adrenalnine.
 param    = damageTaken|Damage taken|9000|int|0-||Amount of damage taken. Diminishing returns occur at 3,000 damage, 6,000 damage, and 9,000 damage. Damage beyond 9,000 contributes nothing to adrenaline gained.
 param    = adrenalineDesired|Adrenaline gained (%)|50|number|0-100,0.1,0.1||Amount of adrenaline desired. Values above 50% and up to 100% are only possible if Natural Instinct is active.
 param    = shieldTier|Shield Tier|90|int|1-99||Shield tier used for calculation. The higher the tier, the less damage needed to gain adrenaline.
 param    = nati|Natural Instinct|false|check|true,false||If checked, the amount of adrenaline returned is doubled.
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Template documentation
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This calculator is for finding the total adrenaline gained from the Divert basic ability based on the damage the player takes, the player's shield tier, and if the player is under the PvM effect of Natural Instinct. It can also calculate the minimum amount of damage needed to Divert in order to gain at least a specific amount of adrenaline.

Damage taken

The damage taken by the player. Any damage over 9,000 does not contribute to further adrenaline gain.

Adrenaline gained (%)

Amount of adrenaline desired to be gained. Not all values are possible and therefore the lowest amount above the desired amount is used if this is the case. Range is [0%,100%] in increments of 0.1%. Values above 50% and up to 100%, (50%,100%], are only possible if Natural Instinct is active.

Shield tier

The tier of shield to be used. Defenders count as a shield of half of their tier. Range is [1-99].

Natural Instinct

Whether or not the player is under the effect of the Natural Instinct ability.