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The Barricade Barricade.png ultimate ability requires a shield (or shieldbow, etc.) or a type of defender[m 1] to use. The maximum amount of time the ability lasts depends on the tier of shield used, the rank of the Invention perk Turtling Turtling.png, as well as the number of farm totems at the Ranch Out of Time used with the Malletops perk.

  • The dependence of barricade and shield tier appears to be for every 10 tiers, one extra game tick is added to the overall duration of Barricade.
  • The Turtling perk increases both the duration of Barricade (with shield tier taken into consideration) as well as its cooldown by 10% per rank.
  • The Malletops perk adds a flat amount of time to the duration of barricade: 3 game ticks (1.8 seconds) per large pen farm totem in use with the Malletops perk.
  1. ^ Defenders, rebounders, and reprisers have a shield tier that is half of their tier. For example, the Kalphite defender is a tier 90 defender but acts like a tier 45 shield.


The overall amount of time (in game ticks) that Barricade lasts can be found using the following:

  • is the duration of time that Barricade is active (multiply this by 0.6 to convert to seconds).
  • is the tier of the shield used.
  • is the rank of the Turtling perk used.
  • is the number of large pen farm totems at the Ranch Out of Time that are using the Malletops perk.


The cooldown of Barricade is normally 60 seconds (100 game ticks). However, the Turtling perk also increases the amount of time the ability goes on cooldown by 10% per rank:

  • is the amount of time Barricade is on cooldown (multiply this by 0.6 to convert to seconds).
  • is the rank of the Turtling perk used.


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Template documentation
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This calculator is for finding the total amount of time (in seconds and in game ticks) that the Barricade ultimate ability will last. The tier of shield, rank of Turtling perk, and the number of Malletops farm totems in use are taken into consideration.

Shield tier

Selection of range of tier shields to be used. Overall range is from [0-99] with selections of 10 at a time ([0,9], [10,19], ..., [90,99]).

Rank of Turtling perk

Rank of turtling perk to be used. If set to 0, this is equivalent to not having the turtling perk on augmented gear when using the Barricade ability. Range is [0-3].

#Malletops farm totems

Number of farm totems at the Ranch Out of Time used. One elder malletops is required per large pen. Range is [0-2].