Calculator:Combat/Average damage (bleeds)

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Templates used
Calculator:Template/Combat/Average damage (bleeds)
 template  = Calculator:Template/Combat/Average damage (bleeds)
 form      = avgDmgBleedsCalcFormBleeds
 result    = avgDmgBleedsCalcResultBleeds
 param     = bleed|Choose bleed:|Dismember|select|Dismember,Slaughter,Blood Tendrils,Massacre/Deadshot,Fragmentation Shot/Combust,Corruption Shot/Corruption Blast,Incendiary Shot
 param     = minHit|Minimum hit|1000|int|0-10000
 param     = maxHit|Maximum hit|1880|int|0-10000
 param     = mdBleedHit|Massacre/Deadshot bleed hit|1000|int|0-10000
 param     = strcape|Is the Strength cape perk being used?|Yes|select|Yes,No
 param     = lungingPerk|Is the Lunging perk being used?|No|select|Yes (only affects the walk modifier for Fragmentation Shot/Combust),No
 param     = splitSoul|Is Split Soul active?|No|select|Yes (with Amulet of Souls),Yes (without Amulet of Souls),No|Yes (with Amulet of Souls)=splitSoulGroup,vuln;Yes (without Amulet of Souls)=splitSoulGroup,vuln
 param     = splitSoulGroup|Split Soul effects||group|vuln
 param     = vuln|Is Vulnernabilty applied?|Yes|select|No,Yes||Vulnerability affects the Split Soul damage.
 param     = spear|Is the Masterwork Spear of Annihilation being used?|No|select|Yes,No
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Template documentation
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The purpose of this calculator is to calculate the average damage for (most) bleed abilities.

Choose bleed:

Choose the type of bleed that will be used for calculating average damage.

Minimum hit

Minimum hit of bleed ability. Accepted values are integers from [0,10000].

Maximum hit

Maximum hit of bleed ability. Accepted values are integers from [0,10000].

Massacre/Deadshot bleed hit

Damage done by the bleed of Massacre or Deadshot. Accepted values are integers from [0,10000].

Is the Strength cape perk being used?

Includes the Strength cape perk. Only affects Dismember.

Is the Lunging Perk being used?

Includes the use of the Lunging perk. Given the nature of the calculator, only determines the damage modifier for walking either Fragmentation shot or Combust.

Is Split Soul active?

If set to either of the "Yes" options, the extra damage provided by the Eldritch crossbow special attack for the ability matching the rest of the options selected will be calculated (over the damage range set by the minimum and maximum hits). If set to "No", nothing about the extra damage will be included. This only has an effect on the Ranged abilities.

Is the Masterwork Spear of Annihilation being used?

If used, increases the duration of melee bleed abilities. Affects Dismember, Slaughter, and Blood Tendrils.