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This calculator does not calculate the following:[edit source]

  • This calculator assumes that materials are bought to fulfill artefact restoration requirements in gp/xp calculations.
  • This calculator does not factor tetracompass and complete tome chance into xp/h and gp/xp calculations.
  • Although this calculator does factor chronote value of artefacts, it does not factor any additional collection or excavation rewards, such as tetracompass pieces, complete tomes, pylon batteries, etc. into xp/h and gp/xp calculations.
  • Anything gained from screening soil with or without the autoscreener is not calculated (manual screening exp, artefacts, nor profits). This is the primary reason for why the Tarpaulin sheet has not been added to the calculator.
  • For Tony's Mattock, the small chance to allow players to discover artefacts immediately is not included in calculations. See clarifications.
  • This calculator does not factor prices of classic, historical, vintage, and timeworn components into the values of artefacts.
  • Drops from seren spirits, component values from divine blessing, or the spirit attraction potion are not considered in this calculator.
  • Experience displayed while using the Wise perk will not consider its daily 50,000 experience cap.
  • Recipe fragments rates for Orthen hotspots aren't known and aren't calculated.
  • When using the imp-souled perk, it is assumed that the player will not fail to maintain 100% uptime on the perk by having sufficient prayer points. Therefore, the cost of prayer-point restoring potions are not used in calculations.
  • The Focus stat on mattocks is not used in material chance calculations.

Clarifications and notes for future revisions:[edit source]

Templates used
Calculator:Archaeology Hotspot/Template
  • While it is known that different level excavation hotspots have different material success chances, it is unclear of what this correlation is. Data gathered from previous experiments do not point to any reasonable correlation or equation with an R2 > 90.
  • In an experiment containing 60+ hours of sample size, Focus' effect was so marginal it could not be reasonably used in calculations. Focus will be added into the calculator once there is conclusive results on its effect on material chance, or its specific equation given directly from a Jagex moderator. Until then, this calculator will use an averaged, flat 21% success chance for all excavations and mattocks, which is further increased from perks and other boosts.
  • Additionally, it is unclear of how a player's Archaeology level affects material success chance.
  • Most archaeology buffs note that they increase base precision or base success chance. From experimentation, it has been discovered with a 1.3% error that they are indeed additive multipliers.
  • There is yet to be any data or statement released for the percent chance that Guildmaster Tony's mattock possesses to discover an artefact instantly.
  • No data has been released about which archaeology levels unlock chances for getting specific materials/artefacts from screening soil. Thus, it will be omitted from calculations until data is provided. This includes the autoscreener as well as its effect on the imp-souled perk.

If you have any information, data, or noticed any error relevant to the calculator, please write your report in the discussion page.

Archaeology Hotspot Calculator[edit source]

template=Calculator:Archaeology Hotspot/Template
form = ArcheoForm
result = ArcheoResult
param=archaeology_level|Archaeology level|99|int|1-120|
param=archaeology_xp|Archaeology experience|13034431|int|1-200000000|
param=target_level|Archaeology level|99|int|1-120
param=target_xp|Archaeology experience|13034431|int|1-200000000
param=bxp|Bonus experience|0|int|0-200000000||Bonus experience will not be used in this calculator unless you have a target level or experience higher than your own.
param=method|Collection Method|Time Sprite High Intensity|buttonselect|Time Sprite High Intensity, Time Sprite Medium Intensity, AFK||AFK assumes no timesprite boosts. Medium Intensity assumes 40%+ Timesprite, never reaching 100%. High Intensity assumes consistently chasing timesprite to reach 100% intensity.
param=activity|% Time Activity|86|int|1-100||The percentage of the time you are actively excavating from a hotspot. 100% would be holding spacebar, resulting in no excavation delays. The typical maximum possible % activity for the High Intensity method is 94-95%.
param=mattock|Mattock||select|Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamant,Rune,Orikalkum,Dragon,Necronium,Crystal,Bane,Imcando,Elder Rune,Time and Space,Guildmaster Tony|Dragon,Crystal,Imcando,Time and Space,Guildmaster Tony=perkgroup
param=lvl20|Mattock level 20|false|check|1.1,1
param=honed|Honed|None|select|None,Honed 1,Honed 2,Honed 3,Honed 4,Honed 5,Honed 6
param=furnace|Furnace|None|select|None,Furnace 1,Furnace 2,Furnace 3,Furnace 4
param=fortune|Fortune|None|select|None,Fortune 1,Fortune 2,Fortune 3
param=impsouled|Imp Souled|None|select|None,Imp Souled 1,Imp Souled 2,Imp Souled 3,Imp Souled 4,Imp Souled 5,Imp Souled 6
param=wise|Wise|None|select|None,Wise 1,Wise 2,Wise 3,Wise 4
param=skillchompaperk|Save skillchompa PoF Passive's level|0|select|0,1,2||Having 1 or 2 paddocks of elder chinchompas in the Player-owned Farm grants the user an additional 3 or 5% chance to save a skillchompa when used.
param=upgrade|Guild shop mattock base precision upgrades bought|None|select|None,One,Two,Three,Four
param=dxp|Double XP Week|false|check|1,0||Double XP week is calculated differently for Archaeology. It grants 2x precision and 2x xp for excavating only.
param=avatar|Avatar bonus (%)|0|select|0,3,4,5,6
param=effort|Inspire effort|false|check|1.02,1
param=torstol|Torstol incense sticks|false|check|1.02,1||Max potency is assumed
param=additional_xp|Other experience boosts (%)|0|int|0-200
param=autoscreener|Soil modifiers|None|buttonselect|None,Autoscreener,Flow State Relic
param=cosmic|Cosmic device|None|buttonselect|None,Cosmic focus,Cosmic accumulator
param=brooch|Brooch of the Gods|false|check|1,0
param=powerburst|Doses of Powerburst of Opportunity used|0|int|0-30||With the two minute powerburst cooldown, 30 doses may be used per hour. This calculator assumes the powerburst is used when the multiplier will not exceed the "hitpoints" of the excavation hotspot.
param=outfit|Outfit|None|select|None,Archaeologists Outfit,Master Archaeologists Outfit
param=pieces|Outfit Pieces Unlocked|None|select|None,1 Piece, 2 Pieces, 3 Pieces, 4 Pieces, 5 Pieces
param=tea|Archaeologists Tea|false|check|1.5,1
param=monocle|Hi-spec monocle|false|check|1,0
param=manual|Material manual|false|check|1.1,1
param=capeselect|Archaeology skillcape|None|buttonselect|None,99 cape,120 cape
param=portable|Using porters or notepaper?|None|select|None,Magic notepaper,Sign of the porter I,Sign of the porter II,Sign of the porter III,Sign of the porter IV,Sign of the porter V,Sign of the porter VI
param=dwarf|Dwarf weed incense sticks|false|check|1.08,1||Max potency is assumed
param=pylonroar|Global modifiers|None|buttonselect|None,Pylon active,Osseus Roar
param=hide|Hide low level excavations?|true|check|1,0
param=statsfornerds|Stats for nerds|true|check|1,0|true=chronoteparam
param=chronoteparam|Include chronote value of artefacts?|true|check|1,0||By default, this option is selected true. Every artefact has an associated chronote value for when it is turned in into a collection. For your convenience, this may be disabled if you intend on disassembling or turning in your artefacts into the wagon.