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Assumptions[edit source]

  • This calculator assumes that materials are bought to fulfill artefact restoration requirements in gp/xp calculations.

Not calculated[edit source]

  • This calculator does not factor tetracompass and complete tome chance into xp/h and gp/xp calculations.
  • Although this calculator does factor chronote value of artefacts, it does not factor any additional collection or excavation rewards, such as tetracompass pieces, complete tomes, or pylon batteries into xp/h and gp/xp calculations.
  • Anything gained from screening soil with or without the autoscreener is not calculated (manual screening exp, artefacts, nor profits).
  • For Tony's Mattock, the small chance to allow players to discover artefacts immediately is not included in calculations. See clarifications.
  • This calculator does not factor prices of classic, historical, vintage, and timeworn components into the values of artefacts.

Clarifications and notes for future revisions:[edit source]

Templates used
Calculator:Archaeology Hotspot/Template
  • Most archaeology buffs note that they increase base precision or base success chance. From experimentation, it has been discovered with a 1.3% error that they are indeed additive multipliers.
  • There is yet to be any data released for the percent chance that Guildmaster Tony's mattock has to discover an artefact instantly.
  • There is yet to be any clarification of how Focus is used in calculations, which determines the rate at which materials are gathered. When information has been shared on how it is correlated with material success chance, the profit and xp calculations will factor this to make the calculator more accurate. At the moment, there is a flat 21% success chance used for all excavations and mattocks, which is increased from perks and other things.
  • No data has been released about the chances for getting specific materials and artefacts from screening soil. Thus, it will be omitted from calculations until data is provided.

If you have any information or data about anything above, please do so in the Discussion page.

Archaeology Hotspot Calculator[edit source]

template=Calculator:Archaeology Hotspot/Template
form = ArcheoForm
result = ArcheoResult
param=archaeology_level|Archaeology level|99|int|1-150|
param=archaeology_xp|Archaeology experience|13034431|int|1-200000000|
param=target_level|Archaeology level|99|int|1-150
param=target_xp|Archaeology experience|13034431|int|1-200000000
param=method|Collection Method|Time Sprite High Intensity|buttonselect|Time Sprite High Intensity, Time Sprite Medium Intensity, AFK||AFK assumes no timesprite boosts. Medium Intensity assumes 40%+ Timesprite, never reaching 100%. High Intensity assumes consistently chasing timesprite to reach 100% intensity.
param=activity|% Time Activity|86|int|1-100||The percentage of the time you are actively excavating from a hotspot. 100% would be holding spacebar, resulting in no excavation delays. The typical maximum possible % activity for the High Intensity method is 94-95%.
param=mattock|Mattock||select|Bronze,Iron,Steel,Mithril,Adamant,Rune,Orikalkum,Dragon,Necronium,Crystal,Bane,Imcando,Elder Rune,Time and Space,Guildmaster Tony|Dragon,Crystal,Imcando,Time and Space,Guildmaster Tony=perkgroup
param=lvl20|Mattock level 20|false|check|1.1,1
param=honed|Honed|None|select|None,Honed 1,Honed 2,Honed 3,Honed 4,Honed 5,Honed 6
param=furnace|Furnace|None|select|None,Furnace 1,Furnace 2,Furnace 3,Furnace 4
param=fortune|Fortune|None|select|None,Fortune 1,Fortune 2,Fortune 3
param=upgrade|Guild shop mattock base precision upgrades bought|None|select|None,One,Two,Three,Four
param=outfit|Outfit|None|select|None,Archaeologists Outfit,Master Archaeologists Outfit
param=pieces|Outfit Pieces Unlocked|None|select|None,1 Piece, 2 Pieces, 3 Pieces, 4 Pieces, 5 Pieces
param=tea|Archaeologists Tea|false|check|1,0
param=monocle|Hi spec monocle|false|check|1,0
param=skillcape|99 Archaeology skillcape|false|check|1,0
param=portable|Using porters or notepaper?|None|select|None,Magic notepaper,Sign of the porter I,Sign of the porter II,Sign of the porter III,Sign of the porter IV,Sign of the porter V,Sign of the porter VI
param=autoscreener|Auto screener|false|check|1,0
param=pylon|Pylon active?|false|check|1,0
param=hide|Hide low level excavations?|true|check|1,0
param=statsfornerds|Stats for nerds|true|check|1,0