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A cactus is grown by planting a cactus seed in a cactus patch, requiring level 55 Farming. Planting a cactus seed gives 66.5 experience and requires a cactus seed to be planted/dipped into a cactus patch using a seed dibber. A nearby gardener will watch over the growing cactus at the cost of 6 cadava berries, though this is unnecessary for the Al-Kharid and Menaphos patches after the completion of hard desert achievements, as they become disease-free.

Harvesting cactus yields 3 cactus spines. It does not need to be replanted after harvest and will yield a cactus spine every 20 minutes, capping at 3. Completing all hard desert achievements doubles the yield in the Al-Kharid and Menaphos patches.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Growth stages[edit | edit source]

Healthy cactus
Stage Description Image
1 The cactus seed has only just been planted. Click for a larger image
2 The cactus grows taller. Click for a larger image
3 The cactus grows two small stumps. Click for a larger image
4 The cactus grows its stumps longer. Click for a larger image
5 The cactus grows larger. Click for a larger image
6 The cactus curves its arms upwards and grows another stump. Click for a larger image
7 The cactus grows all three of its arms upwards. Click for a larger image
8 The cactus is ready to be harvested. Click for a larger image
9 {{{stage9}}} N/A
10 {{{stage10}}} N/A
11 {{{stage11}}} N/A
12 {{{stage12}}} N/A

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