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Cabin boy Jenkins is a crew member on board the Lady Lumbridge. When Klarense sells the ship to an adventurer seeking to slay the dragon Elvarg, he stays in service of the ship, his employment transferred for free.[1] When asked about finding a new captain for the ship, he mentions that most captains are scared of Elvarg and won't sail, but he believes there is a captain in Draynor Village who will.[2]

Having convinced Ned to join the crew, the slayer voyages to Crandor. Before they reach the island, Elvarg attacks, setting the ship alight and incinerating Jenkins, who had insufficient protection.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As shown when he died, he only had 100 life points.
  • Originally, he was left alive and stranded on Crandor when the Lady Lumbridge was wrecked. He claimed the player was the "worst captain ever".
A reason why good defence is needed to face Elvarg

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Klarense, "Dragon Slayer", RuneScape. "Of course! I'm sure the work needed to do on it wouldn't be too expensive. How does 2,000 gold sound? I'll even throw in my cabin boy, Jenkins, for free! He'll swab the decks and splice the mainsails for you!"
  2. ^ Cabin boy Jenkins, "Dragon Slayer", RuneScape. "The cap'ns round 'ere seem to be a mite scared of Crandor. I ask 'em why and they just say it was afore my time. But there is one cap'n I reckon might 'elp. I 'eard there's a retured 'un who lives in Draynor Village who's so desperate to sail again 'e'd take any job. I can't remember 'is name, but 'e lives in Draynor Village an' makes rope."