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Bush patches are a type of Farming patch which require 1 seed to plant starting at level 10. There are 5 bush patches: west of the Champions' Guild, Rimmington, south of Ardougne, south-west of Etceteria and in the Crwys district of Prifddinas and bush patches can be protected by paying a gardener. Fully grown bush patches can be harvested, once their health has been checked, and will continue to regrow berries over time until it has been dug up. Typical harvests produce 4 produce with the exception of Barberry bushes, which only produce one lot of agility experience, and do not re-grow their produce once harvested.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Type Location Gardener Closest teleports Image
Bush patch West of Champions' Guild Dreven
Bush patch Rimmington Taria
Bush patch South of Ardougne Torrell
Bush patch South-west Etceteria Rhazien
Bush patch Inner Circle of the Crwys section of Prifddinas Briallen

Crops[edit | edit source]

Farming level Seed Produce Pay
10 Redberry seed 5.png
Redberry seed
4 Redberries
Cabbages (10).png
4 sacks of cabbages (10)
22 Cadavaberry seed 5.png
Cadavaberry seed
Cadava berries.png
4 Cadava berries
Tomatoes (5).png
3 baskets of tomatoes (5)
36 Dwellberry seed 5.png
Dwellberry seed
4 Dwellberries
Strawberries (5).png
3 baskets of strawberries (5)
48 Jangerberry seed 5.png
Jangerberry seed
4 Jangerberries
6 watermelons
59 Whiteberry seed 5.png
Whiteberry seed
White berries.png
4 White berries
Bittercap mushroom.png
8 bittercap mushrooms
70 Poison ivy seed 5.png
Poison ivy seed
Poison ivy berries.png
4 Poison ivy berries
N/A (Immune)
77 Barberry seed 5.png
Barberry seed
Agility experience
Hammerstone hops.png
15 hammerstone hops
99 Avocado seed 5.png
Avocado seed
Chocolatey milk.png
6 Chocolatey milk
105 Mango seed 5.png
Mango seed
3 Avocados
111 Lychee seed 5.png
Lychee seed
4 Ciku

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 7 September 2010 (Update):
    • Skewed shadows of the bush patch south of Ardougne.