Burthorpe and Taverley Tasks

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Burthorpe and Taverley Tasks was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

The Burthorpe and Taverley tasks were released on 31 January 2012 with the rework of Burthorpe. Originally, there were 55 tasks to complete, and 10 more were added with the release of Divination. However the Divination tasks were transferred to the Achievement system on 29 August 2017 and are now the achievements in the Divination subcategory of the Skills category. The other tasks were not transferred and were thus removed from the game. Regardless of the number, these tasks were meant to serve as an introduction to the game — a tutorial. The majority of the tasks were designed to be done in a linear order, following the old now-removed Troll Warzone storyline. However, high level players had the option to skip the storyline and do the tasks in any order, and latter tasks were not in any particular order.

Before the inclusion of Divination in late 2013, players could perform these tasks with ease. There used to be only one difficulty level and no skill requirements to complete any of the tasks. These tasks were also not necessary to perform the "Taskmaster" emote. But, due to Divination release, there was a requirement of level 13 Divination, making part of this task set required for the emote as well as the completionist cape. The original 55 tasks were not required; just the Divination tasks.

Items Needed
Divination tasks:
  • Level 13 Divination
  • Enough Pale energies (~200-300) to create 1 Boon, 1 Sign, 1 Divine Hotspot, 1 Portent, and 1 Transmutation; if your level allows it, you can use Flickering energies as well
  • 2 Flickering energy
  • Boon: 100 Pale energy or Flickering (note, sometimes, if you choose Flickering, you may be prompted with needing 300 energy)
  • Sign: 1 Sapphire necklace or 4 Limestone
  • Divine Hotspot: 20 Copper or Tin ore, or 20 normal logs, or 25 Raw beast meat, or 10 Clean guam; in addition to the low Divination requirement, this task may require levels in other skills:
    • Level 1 Mining or Woodcutting
    • Level 4 Hunter
    • Level 9 Farming
  • Portent: 1 Crayfish
  • Transmutation: 3 normal logs

Guide[edit | edit source]

Task Description Requirements Introductory Mode?
Machinery of War Speak to Isold the militiaman Yes
Take your Pick Get a bronze pickaxe so that you can make metal armour and weapons. No
Fine, Fine Axe Put the bronze pickaxe in your tool belt to save inventory space. No
Feels like Copper Mine some copper so you can make equipment out of it. Yes
Are You In Rubble? Somewhere in the mine you can hear someone calling for help! Yes
Heavy Metal Mine some tin to combine with copper to make bronze, a stronger metal. Yes
Bar One Smelt ore into a bronze bar so you can smith it into something useful. Tin ore, Copper ore Yes
Capital Protection Smith a bronze helm for Isold. Bronze bar Yes
Bovine Intervention Kill a cow so you can tan its hide into leather. Yes
I wonder if it'll Sprout Bury the bones of your foes to gain prayer XP. Bones Yes
Tan your Hide Have a cowhide tanned into soft leather so you can make gear from it. Cowhide Yes
Jack of some Trades Put a hammer, chisel and needle in your tool belt. No
Handicrafts Craft a pair of leather gloves for Isold. Leather Yes
Arm the Militia Help Isold the militiaman get geared up for war. Leather gloves, Bronze helm Yes
Hell's Kitchen Speak to Sister Judith Yes
Fisherman's Friends Put a fishing rod and crayfish cage in your tool belt so you can catch fish. No
Aren't they Supposed to be Twins? Catch a crayfish for something to eat. Yes
Shellfish Roasting on an Open Fire Cook a crayfish so that it's edible Raw crayfish Yes
A Farmer In The Making Put a rake, dibber and spade in your tool belt so you can plant crops. No
Dibs On The First Batch Plant some potato seeds so they grow into potatoes. Potato seeds No
The Circle Of Life Put weeds in the compost bin. Weeds No
Two In The Bush Hunt a crimson swift for its delicious meat. Bird snare No
Feed The Refugees Bring four pieces of cooked food to Sister Judith. Four pieces of Food Yes
The War Profiteers Speak to Ruth Savage Yes
A Pocket or Two Pickpocket a Pompous Merchant to put his money to better use. Yes
Greasing the Wheels of Commerce Sell an item to a shop to make some inventory space. Yes
Bank on It Talk to the bankers in Taverley and deposit an item into your bank. At least one item. Yes
Let Them Eat Pie Complete the Let Them Eat Pie quest. Empty pot, Fishing bait, Wheat, Raw potato, Raw crayfish Yes
You Spin Me Right Round Win a prize on the Squeal of Fortune One spin Yes
The Corrupted Depths Speak to Jacquelyn Manslaughter Yes
The Red Mist Descends Get a Slayer assignment so you can learn to slay bizarre monsters. (Note: Ends previous assignment, any slayer master works) Yes
These Aren't Oven Gloves Wear spiked gauntlets so you can slay the abominations. (The cave is located near the Lady of the Lake). Spiked gauntlets Yes
A New Threat Explore the enchanted cave and find out where the creatures are coming from. (see These Aren't Oven Gloves). Yes
No Stone Unturned Search for the source of the gelatinous abominations . (see These Aren't Oven Gloves). Yes
Mission Complete! Speak to Ariane now that the shaman is defeated. (see These Aren't Oven Gloves). Yes
Put Your Hands Together Activate a prayer to boost your combat abilities. Yes
All Fell Down Complete a Slayer assignment to improve your monster slaying abilities. Yes
The Spirit Masters Speak to Magestix Yes
Pocket Wolf Make a spirit wolf pouch so you can summon a creature to aid you. Gold charm, wolf bones, pouch, 7 spirit shards: all can be obtained for free from Magestix. Yes
Heel, Boy Summon a spirit wolf to aid you in combat. Yes
Like A House On Fire Make a daring rescue from the burning house in Burthorpe. Yes
Spiritual Healing Recharge your summoning points at an obelisk Yes
Watery Grave/One Thing After Another Talk to the distressed mother by the lake to find out what's wrong. Yes
My Axe Is My Buddy Put a hatchet, knife and tinderbox in your toolbelt so you can work with wood. No
Adventurer's Log Cut a log from a regular tree so you have some wood to work with. Yes
Lighter Log Set fire to a regular log to save space and earn Firemaking XP. Logs Yes
Rasing the Stokes Add a long to a fire for additional Firemaking XP. Logs Yes
On The Straight And Arrow Fletch a stack of bronze arrows. Logs, 15 feathers, 15 bronze arrowheads Yes
Bows are for Violence Fletch a shortbow so you can use it to fire arrows. Logs, bowstring Yes
Super Tuber Harvest potatoes from a farming patch. No
Out of Water Rescue Sophie from drowning in the lake. Rope, Arrow, Shortbow Yes
The Hand of Guthix Speak to Poletax Yes
Guam Fly With Me Clean some guam so you can make potions with it. Grimy guam Yes
A Fresh Batch Brew an attack potion to increase your combat abilities. Vial of water, clean guam (from previous task), eye of newt Yes
Bottoms Up Drink a dose of attack potion. No
Druidic Ritual Complete the Druidic Ritual quest. Vial Yes
Prayer Point Power Restore your prayer points so you can activate your prayers. Yes
Hammer The Anvil Defeat Anvil the troll berserker with Sir Owen. Yes
Wicked! Get a wicked hood to help with your runecrafting. Membership No
Return to the Front Speak to Drill Sergeant Hartman Yes
Lapping It Up Complete a lap of the Burthorpe Agility Course. Yes
Death Plateau Complete the Death Plateau quest. Yes
Collecting Memorabilia Gather a memory of any tier. Find wisps No
What An Experience Convert a memory, or an enriched memory, into experience. Use the rift followed by any option (preferably the second option, as the last option requires both memories and energies) No
Energy Generator Convert a memory, or an enriched memory, into energy. Select the first option when prompted at the rift screen No
Let's Enhance Convert a memory, or an enriched memory, into enhanced experience. Select the last option when prompted at the rift screen No
Portentially Hazardous Create a portent.

Level 2 or 5 Divination (Restoration): 30 Pale energy and 1 Cooked Crayfish

Level 2 Divination (Passage): 30 Pale energy - Dungeoneering only

Simply Divine Create a divine location.

Create one of the following and place it down; you may also pick from it.

Level 3 Divination (Divine Bronze Rock): 20 Pale energy and 20 Copper or Tin ore


Level 4 Divination (Divine Hunter spot - Divine Kebbit burrow): 25 Pale energy and 25 Raw beast meat


Level 7 Divination (Divine Tree): 5 Pale energy and 20 normal logs


Level 12 Divination (Divine Herb Patch I): 5 Flickering energy and 10 Clean guam - Also requires level 9 Farming for basic herbs

Just Give Me A Sign Create a sign.

Level 6 Divination (Porter): 30 Pale energy and a Sapphire necklace


Level 8 Divination (Respite): 25 Pale energy and 4 Limestone

Business Is Booning! Unlock a boon.

"Weave" the energy in your inventory by left-clicking. Level permitting, you may use one of the following:

100 Pale energy


100 Flickering energy (sometimes, this may ask for 300 energy)

Enrichment Programme Gather an enriched memory of any type. Go to any Divination spot and harvest any wisp (includes Enriched nodes) No
Mighty Morphing Transmute an item. Level 13 Divination; 2 flickering energy and 3 normal logs No
Heimward Bound Teleport to Daemonheim with a Ring of Kinship. Ring of kinship No
Party On, Dudes Form a Dungeoneering party. Ring of kinship No
Raiders Of The Frost Dark Raid the floors of Daemonheim. Ring of kinship No
Unreal Estate, Man Buy a player-owned house of your own. 1,000 coins No
Room To Manoeuvre Build a room in your house (such as a parlour). 1,000 coins No
About To Drop The Hammer Build an item of furniture in your house (such as a crude chair for the parlour). Furniture equipment No
Mind Out Of Matter Bind a mind rune at the Mind altar. Rune essence, mind talisman, or equivalent No
Walking In The Air Altar Locate and enter the Air altar. Air talisman or equivalent No
There's No Place Like Burthorpe Use your Home Teleport spell to get back to Burthorpe. No
Wolf Whistle Complete the Wolf Whistle quest. No

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The player received the following items as a reward for completing the Burthorpe/Taverley task set.

  • Upon completion of the Divination part of the taskset, speak to Orla Fairweather to claim your reward of 500 Flickering energy. She will tell you to use the energy wisely.
  • Upon completion of these tasks, as well as the rest of the tasks, you will be able to perform the Taskmaster emote. Keep in mind that the Divination tasks are necessary for the emote.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 11 December 2013 (Update):
    • The hint arrow that points to Isold during the Arm the Militia task in Burthorpe has been adjusted.
  • patch 3 December 2013 (Update):
    • The Arm the Militia task will now complete properly.
  • patch 13 August 2013 (Update):
    • Players are now able to complete the task "Hammer the Anvil" in the tutorial.
    • The camera no longer sits inside a house wall during the battle with Anvil.
    • Hint arrows now consistently disappear after the "Hammer the Anvil" task.

Trivia[edit | edit source]